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  • NatoBoyNatoBoy Member Posts: 25
    first impressions.....looks tastey
  • busdriverbusdriver Member Posts: 859
    ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!! Look at the details of that armor! Me love it! 

  • RavenRaven Member UncommonPosts: 2,005
    speechless really was counting on "not so good looking armor" tbh... doesnt matter how long it takes to come out...this game is def. worth it.


  • Septus87Septus87 Member Posts: 9
    The detail is really good.  That style of armor looks stupid though IMO.
  • baphametbaphamet Member RarePosts: 3,311

    that screenshot looks pretty good, if only the game would ever get released. ::::16::

  • MhorhamMhorham Member Posts: 146
    The stuff looks prety highly deatailed. I thought the style was prety cool with the big dragon head and angular lines. But It has me wondering how many dragons you need to camp for the components. And wont it be like wearing a sign on your back, "good loot plz pk me" ;)
  • yoda93yoda93 Member Posts: 85
    I doubt you'll want to be leaving base alone, at night, heading out towards an enemy rich area with those babies on though .

    The armour does look a lot better than the other types, but you can still see the lowish resolution of the texture map. This is something that hasn't bothered me at all, but I'm sure the people who were complaining about the Darkfall graphics will use that as a point in their argument.

  • apocalanceapocalance Member UncommonPosts: 1,073

    nice screenshot


  • InferniaInfernia Member Posts: 7
    *goes and cleans up*
  • DronjakDronjak Member Posts: 25

    This will be the best MMOG ever... ::::20::

  • KalleriKalleri Member Posts: 10
  • nexus42nexus42 Member Posts: 288

    Those shots look pretty sweet, but I recall some really nice looking armor sets from EQ2 that didn't make launch because they were deemed too lag inducing.

    But if that level of detail makes it into the actual game, yeah, nice eye candy.


  • diaboyosdiaboyos Member Posts: 209
    Man I can't wait!  Come on already!!!

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  • NitrockNitrock Member UncommonPosts: 86
    Looks good.

  • SuitepeeSuitepee Member Posts: 921!!!!

    Awesome dragon armor. Hope the game looks this good when in motion.

  • Mikey0002Mikey0002 Member Posts: 97
    I am impressed how much detail and how good they are managing their armours to look. I must be honest, I think they exagerate the spikes and extra accessories sticking out of the armour a little too much at times, but I loved the idea of the dragon's head. Its probably the best armour I've seen till now....very impressive.

    Though the graphics aren't top notch, I think for a real time game with twitch combat, keeping the graphics low is what I would call heading in the right direction. They got the perfect graphics to keep the gameworld immersive and yet they probably won't effect FPS rates. I always choose performance over graphics any day on any game!

    Have to put something up!

  • waikewaike Member Posts: 112

    Originally posted by timber

    thats looks like pure junk. lol
    even asheronscall 2 that made 6 years ago had superior graphics.

  • FreebFreeb Member Posts: 9

    that's some sweet looking armor. In some newer screenshots it looks like it has a blueish hue compared to the ones linked on this thread. Maybe it's reflecting the environment, or maybe it's different types of the same armor. Could it be armor dye?

  • Vertex1980Vertex1980 Member Posts: 951

    I know having "cool" armor means a lot, but that's no reason to base your judgement on a game for on yeah runon sentence that doesn't make sence on a game that just has two screenshots of this relaly big warriopr looking yeah cool armor means a lot, but nope.

  • achellisachellis Member Posts: 542

    GOD! i love the armour in this game.. it just blows my mind


  • 0k210k21 Member Posts: 866
    *twitches in amazement* must get... in beta.... I have not seen this level of detail in armour since Elder Scrolls: Oblivion, not only that the game seems to be using that kind of combat.... *worships* I will definitely give this at try when it comes out the idea of player owned cities and proper environments is cool too.

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  • Enforcer71Enforcer71 Member UncommonPosts: 780
    Originally posted by tarsus
    bit late but fixed it to a link

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  • trixtrix Member UncommonPosts: 66
    anyone who moans about the graphics need to rethink what will actually be happening in darkfall.

    First: your going to have city sieges and skirmishes with well over 100v100 numbers.

    Second: ITS FPS ON A MASSIVE SCALE this isnt instanced so stfu and take what you can get. if you dont like it go play wow or warhammer
    LOL L2's new advertisement is wonderful..... 
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  • RehmesRehmes Member Posts: 600
    The screens look nice, and ive been waiting on this title for quite sometime now. But until i see at least a close beta announced i have no reason to be hyped about this game. If it releases and does things well it could be a revolution for MMOs, but only time will tell.
  • daarcodaarco Member UncommonPosts: 4,275

    You know whats the best thing with that screenshot?

    Its almost a year old, the graphics have improved since then

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