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9Dragons questions

czomberczomber Member Posts: 4
This game will be free to play ?? anyone knows ? or it will be for moneys ? because i realy want play in that but i cant pay realy money i live in poland :/


  • KilluaZKilluaZ Member Posts: 2
    I don't think they've told us how much it's going to cost... but I think it's a safe bet to say there's gonna be a fee of some sort, probably monthly like most other mmo's.

  • AkikiAkiki Member Posts: 95
    I think they have said there will be an unlimited free trial, but what you can do in the trial will be limited. So you can play the game for free, you just won't get very far until you start paying.
  • chop_chopchop_chop Member Posts: 11

    As fas as payment it hasnt been offical it could go either way. they're thinking about going in the direction of advirtisment but in the end the spent over 10 million bucks they need the money from somewhere.

    p.s. and u living in poland it doesnt really matter unless u dont hav a credit card :'C but, on the bright side there shud be multiple different ways of payment so dun worry.

  • andreiutzandreiutz Member UncommonPosts: 36
    Well as fas as I have seen in other MMOs at least in the beta testing the game is free to play...but don't know what will happen when it will be fully released...hope they will make a forum so they can answer to our questions lol so that we don't have to dig for answers

  •  testers will get to play free ......with all facilities and features....but i'm not sure about those ppl after testers.... i hope they make some of the testers to GMs. that would be great.
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