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Wait, what will this be on?

AkikiAkiki Member Posts: 95
This site says windows, but a few of the comments in the hype meter say x-box. So, which is it?


  • KilluaZKilluaZ Member Posts: 2
    I'm pretty sure I've read its initially windows with console releases planned not too long after initial release.  Although I read so many journals/press releases its hard to keep track of which game they belong to these days :-/

  • chop_chopchop_chop Member Posts: 11

    in one of the interviews with howard mark it stated that the game was to be issued to both pc and the consoles ps3 and xbox but now its more leaning just towards pc but nothing is for curtain.

  • andreiutzandreiutz Member UncommonPosts: 36
    Dam i hope it's gonna be on windows :)...wonder if it looks like Hero Online...hmmm

  •  don't really an issue for me, cuz if the game is good, i will purchase the CD...(only if it is verrrrrrry good). PS3 ,new X BOX , windows....whatever.........but i know that for some ppl they might want window since they can't get PS3 or X BOX. but if it is on window, i'm pretty sure that it'll lag a lot unless u have good graphics card or the game's graphics is low ( which i doubt it)
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