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CalmCalm Member Posts: 17

Something to do besides PvP (what is fun) FC events you guys at WP wrote about it now really start doing it and none of this anceint undead hunter giving away a bunch of freaking undead hunters runes crap. 

OR places on the map where majority of the population cant get to becasue there are no travellers around, and the ones that are will make you pay a arm and a leg.  So no event on a island where I have to swim HA! Or find a traveller to get to, and really make a event I want a evil god or atleast a minion, hell even his little sisters best friends cousins baby come to make the world change her diaper...wait her EVIL DAIPER


  • kiloheavykiloheavy Member Posts: 4

    Was really hoping for some RP, but there's just nothing there to RP around and no reason to make much of an effort in that direction.


    Sad. image

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