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What class will you play 1st?

I was wondering what is going to be popular and what won't be


  • majochmajoch Member Posts: 599
    I kind of think Hunters will have a strong following if they are Ranger types.  Rangers always have a decent showing in every game they are a playable class.
  • RevanscRevansc Member Posts: 7
    I must admit i choose champion, but i am very likely gonna try hunter because you are right they are the ranger sort. However i would,t want my ranger character to suck at melee combat as Aragorn himself was more of a melee character as opposed to using the bow which the hunter class specialises in. I guess Beta will show me which class i want to be. I also keep in mind that there will most likely be too many hunters when starting, probably loads of elve legolas wannabes, so either way i go i will be going Human.
  • okorokor Member Posts: 103
    I wanna be whatever class isn't very popular.

  • majochmajoch Member Posts: 599

    That is a little ironic now that you mention it.  Aragorn epitimizes the classic Ranger, if people had to play the word association game and the word was "Ranger" I would bet the majority of answers would be Aragorn.  I picture the Ranger as an arrow firing support class as portrayed in pretty much all the MMoRPG's that have class Ranger yet Aragorn did most of his talking with Swords on the other hand Legolas who I would classify as a Ranger as well did his with the bow. 

    Well hell I answered my own thoughts there, Aragorn was spec'd in melee/dual weild while Legolas spec'd mainly in bow.

  • Wartorn[SC]Wartorn[SC] Member Posts: 97
    Well funny there is the xact same poll up on the official forums atm....

    Well I'll go for the Guardian but we'll see.

    I would say that there is no real Ranger - the hunter type is a support
    class. In the Book the Rangers were mostly Dunedain and Gondorian
    Men(Women?) but they were considered "elite" troops. I would think that
    you may achieve this "rank" during gameplay but not from the beginning.
    I mean they were considered equally skilled with sword as with the bow.

  • majochmajoch Member Posts: 599
    Then I will use both sword and bow and call myself a Ranger.  Heheh I can do that on a Zerker or Barbarian as well, Ranger just sounds better. 
  • Wartorn[SC]Wartorn[SC] Member Posts: 97
    LOL - correct I guess most characters can use them so it really comes down how "good" you will be using them.

    I personally like the ranger style - has always made a good support class. ;-)

  • Talryn_Talryn_ Member Posts: 2
    I just had to go with the Hunter. Give me a bow and I will be having a nice Orc stew on the Brandywine Bridge. I also plan to have a Guardian though but an Elven Hunter was my first choice.
  • TrueSilverTrueSilver Member Posts: 28
    I'll probably go with Champion or Guardian (chose champion on the list)

    I don't want to be the main tank really because they die the most often so I'll be the dps and secondary tank. But I may switch to guardian after I try champion because champion uses 2 swords, I dont really care to run around like anakin skywalker dual wielding, I mean you just dont see it in LOTR so if the case becomes that I can't do about the same DPS with 1 big sword as someone can do with 2 little swords i'll just go guardian.

    Hunter may be okay, seems like it'd be overplayed though and also after playing a bard in EQ for about 70 levels i'm tired of kiting mobs which is probably what the hunter would be doing anyways.

    Loremaster is always an unknown option and may prove to be a cool new archetype, though I dont want to play a healer. Minstrel is too much like bard for me to play, Captain seems to be only a support class really and i'm not sure i'd like to carry banners around the whole time seems boring.

    But to each their own, not trying to bash on anyone who prefers those classes just not really my style is all

  • GurlokGurlok Member Posts: 8
    Lore-Master - just gotta love the graphic effects when casting :P
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