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What would be the best free MMORPG?

I play alot of high rank free mmorpg but do not know which one is better?They all get boring soon or later? Want to know what mmorpg let you enjoy more and hard to stop?

Some Free MMORPG that I play

Maple Story

Kal Online

Silkroad Online

Hero Online

Thang Online

Gunz The Duel

Conquer Online


  • katriellkatriell Member UncommonPosts: 977

    "Better" is a matter of opinion. You play those MMOs already, so...who on this forum is most qualified to form your opinion?

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  • raitzuraitzu Member Posts: 83
    Ive been playing Kalonline because Items and money is worth something irl.

    I saw lvl 65 character sell for $3200 on Ebay.

    Single items are selling for $200.

    I always base the "BEST" as real world turnaround.

    "Anything worth doing, is worth doing for money." Alfred E. Newman
  • TuutobTuutob Member Posts: 607
    Between SRO and AO for me, those games are awesome.

  • CleffyCleffy Member RarePosts: 6,262
    GUNZ.  that game takes so much skill like fast switching between weapons; and wall climbing with your sword.
  • Navi032592Navi032592 Member Posts: 79

    It is hard to say what is the best free mmo,since most of the nice thing are in p2p mmo's..
    I would let you prefer to try cabal online..nice graphics and has a combo system..apparently after the closed beta period it might go p2p..
    Another game is saga of ryzom..has a f2p version,and it means you are limited to some things and areas..
    And lastly if you can afford to buy an installer,why not buy Guildwars and Guildwars Factions Installer,then play for life,it has good graphics and most of it is focused on pvp..like the characters there,my favorite is the ritualist..

    Cabal Online-Beta testing
    Saga of Ryzom-F2P version(Limited access)
    Guildwars and Guildwars Factions -Buy the installer and free to play.


  • vladwwvladww Member UncommonPosts: 417

    - Saga of Ryzom (limited access)

    - Anarchy online (without expansions)

    Playing : Uncharted Waters Online

  • Navi032592Navi032592 Member Posts: 79

    I agree with vladww..!!

    AO is also good-sci-fi and nice graphics.
    The only thing you will be paying for is the expansions..


  • killeakkilleak Member Posts: 22

    Originally posted by celest86

    They all get boring soon or later?

    All games do!
  • ErmacErmac Member Posts: 103
    Endless Ages!  It is the best MMO free or otherwise.
  • godpuppetgodpuppet Member Posts: 1,416
    If by Free you mean, twice as laggy, no customer support, small amount of servers with large 1 hour server queues. Worlds filled with so many players you cant even pull without kill stealing. PVP raids that shut down the server until the cleaning lady comes in to take the server plug out, does the cleaning the puts it back in rebooting the server.

    I think I'd prefer subscription. Thanks.


  • JackcoltJackcolt Member UncommonPosts: 2,170

    Originally posted by Cleffy
    GUNZ.  that game takes so much skill like fast switching between weapons; and wall climbing with your sword.



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