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What kind of Journalistic Site is MMORPG?

cumbomcumbom Member CommonPosts: 544
This isn't meant to be a jab at MMORPG.com, just curious how they see themselves.

Is this basically a site that sticks to reviews as their only source of independant "news" and all the rest of the news are basically press releases by the gaming companies?

Or Does MMORPG.com see themselves now or in the future of becoming more than that?  Not only a place to get reviews and consolodated press releases from the companies, but also a place of where independant journalism is as common as press releases, where stories are told without the corporate spin?

I realize that there are interviews that take place and that can be a good source of information and an example of independant journalism, but if you only ever ask for the Developers opinion you are going to get a slanted story.

There are many situations in the MMORPG world that are worthy of some journalistic attention, I would usually site SWG as an example, but I think the most deserving right now is Dark and Light.

I realize that at times something happens in a game such as SWG which in turns sparts an article that looks at the general principles behind it, and that is good, and I really am wondering if it is generrally the direction that MMORPG.com is moving in.

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  • paulscottpaulscott Member Posts: 5,613

    its the site i go to so i don't need to look for press releases on comany site i've never heard of or want to visit, or try to get it from the 50 trillion news sites.  and also reviews that are tailored to a mmo player, and player reviews that show this site is very accurate.

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  • cumbomcumbom Member CommonPosts: 544
    I agree completely, I'm just wondering if MMORPG.com aspires to be more than that.

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  • katriellkatriell Member UncommonPosts: 977

    There are also debates and editorials.

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  • wjrasmussenwjrasmussen Member Posts: 1,493

    Originally posted by cumbom
    I agree completely, I'm just wondering if MMORPG.com aspires to be more than that.

    I thought you said you weren't making jabs at mmorpg.com...
  • LuRaviLuRavi Member Posts: 239

    It is a shil site simply for the Developers to extend their impressions upon.

    They are afraid to really take to task any real mmorpg that has a problem in some sort.

    They gave the PR guy for Lucasarts the interview, yet the writers of this site really haven't attacked any mmo for their design decisions.

    They allow people like Anthony Castoro to have a boring 3-4 years bungling mmos like Ultima Online then allow him to move over to be in charge of all Codemasters Mmos without a statement.

    They allow the forums to run angrily thru any feeling it wants but the site itself lacks command presence and direction.

    Its a site about MMOs thats it. Their news postings are really going downhill they post just about anything now. When certain servers are going down is newsworthy to be posted on the front page. I do not think so.

    Editiorial discussions on topics of what you like or dislike in a MMO is certainly not something to be proud that your community brings to the MMO arena with its fan feedback.

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