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Need help looking for a game like runescape

Hello im looking for a game similar to runescape or a cool game realy id prefer it to be java but i can download it to im looking for an adictive game with skills and quests and cool armour and weapons

so plz help


  • rockin_uforockin_ufo Member UncommonPosts: 378
    LoL! There is 1 game like rs WoW 30$ for box, it sucks just like rs does

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  • stickmstickm Member Posts: 219

    ^ WOW does not have any skills its just a fighting game.

    I heard a game called horizons was suppose to have a skill system. I have not played it myself

  • JoliustJoliust Member Posts: 1,329

    Runescape I really don't think there is another game like Runescape. It kind of has its own feel that no one has or wants to reproduce. :-p

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  • lakplayer601lakplayer601 Member Posts: 2
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