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Why do people bully games ?

I've been watching the mourning fiasco with interest, im in the dark and light story right now.

Some people seem to have a urge to "bully" poorly develloped games. People put a LOT of energy getting quotes, getting the masses to think alike (negativly) about a game.

Where does this come from? I allways try to approach things positvly myself, thats why im allways suprise at posters that collect millions of posts from other boards just to show the negative feedback a game gets. They often even photoshop it to pieces of art. Why is this?

Are these virtual bullies? And the games being that fat kids in class?  People just want to put something in a negative light, and get as many people to help them to break a game? I mean i understand people who critisise games on a board (i do it myself). Even when they go a long way to do so, but usually these people spend days on forums to just flame everything that could turn things in a remotly positive light. I mean this isnt just telling people how crappy a product might be, this is investing loads of time destroying (or trying to) something. If the game would fail they probably feel victorious.

Or maybe its just boredom?

I wonder, where does it come from ? Any thoughts ?

P.s. i dont mean people who discuss about the ups and downs (or one of both) of a game. Or people that just critisise a game strongly. Some people just scan these boards, know every single mistake a develloper makes, collect quotes, etc.


  • JodandoJodando Member Posts: 280
    Because people think it's more fun watching something fall than be built. Especially when they're standing on their own pedestal. Plus, a lot of them don't know what they truly want... So they thrive on making others know what they don't want.

    Thus the flaming and bullying ensues. I said this before in a recent post... they're all like lobsters in a bucket. Whenever one even gets close to getting out, all the other lobsters bring it down in their own efforts to rise.

    Lobsters. All of 'em.

    And we should eat them all. With melted butter.

  • XenduliXenduli Member Posts: 654

    Whoa! Stop right there! Whilst Dark and Light might not be a triple A game I value that game much more than Mourning. Come on this is old stuff with Mourning no one needs to dredge that up again. Maybe its the OPs fault, he's cursed!

    No annoying animated GIF here!

  • GIROGIRO Member Posts: 219
    im with you guys on this, its pretty childish behaviour and pisses me off...devs come into this buissness to realise there imaginations...some do it better than others, dont kick the guys when they are down! if a game is bad it will get a bad reveiw, why people cant just leave it at that i dont know?


  • tetsultetsul Member Posts: 1,020
    Because it's funny?
  • MagicStarMagicStar Member Posts: 380
    That type of topic reminds me of a game called Jumpgate.

    People seem to bully games like that alot and yet there are developers who put in a lot of effort in to it.

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  • cumbomcumbom Member CommonPosts: 544

        1.  Everyone likes a train wreck, we like talking about it, and we like to watch it burn.

        2.  Companies are evil.  Ok so maybe thats not true, but we have all had experiences where we have been mistreated, or lied to by a company, perhaps even lost money to them, so its fun to watch them fail, especially the ones you know have been lying to you or others.

        3.  To warn others!  How many times have I bought a product and was so disappointed I thought there should have been a warning on the box?  Well now we can be the warning!

    Theres more but now I gotta get to work for my EVIL company

    Can't WAIT!

  • GIROGIRO Member Posts: 219
    its funny to crack a joke now and then about it...but to simply stamp on it over and over is just too much, its punishment enough that their project is failing, but to have a constant group of peoplereminding them of that in brutal fashion just isnt fair play


  • vqlyvqly Member UncommonPosts: 275

    In the words of Vince Vaugh...

    "Stop hat'in, start participat'in."

  • rockin_uforockin_ufo Member UncommonPosts: 378
    Its not really bulling its just some ppl dotn liek certain games, but some don have to be so harsh on one, there are good games an bad games ok ppl just like argueing its funny to read

    Whenever i step outside, somebody claims to see the light
    It seems to me that all of us have lost our patience.
    'cause everyone thinks they're right,
    And nobody thinks that there just might
    Be more than one road to our final destination--

  • IdesofMarchIdesofMarch Member Posts: 1,164

    Originally posted by Tranquility

    I wonder, where does it come from ? Any thoughts ?

    It's how I raise my self-esteem in my mindless existence of nothingness?

    Actually, I don't see a need to bully any game, although there are a few out there that I shake my head in disappointment at. But to each his/her own I say, so long as we all have fun.

  • ianubisiianubisi Member Posts: 4,201

    "Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it"
    - George Santayana

  • brostynbrostyn Member Posts: 3,092
    People don't like their hard earned money and time going to scammers. Not too hard a concept to understand if you are actually old enough to know the value of a dollar.

  • BiteyBitey Member Posts: 356

    you are even suggesting that mourning is being "bullied", you’re a
    moron. The game has threatened and continues to threaten sites (mmorpg.com,
    somethingawful.com, krelslibary.org) and individuals. Not to mention all the
    neat billing scams that happened. If you would like links to the sites with
    their explanation to the potential lawsuit, please PM me.

    victim blaming mentality is similar to blaming the stockholders for the fall of
    Enron. "Sure, Enron's execs committed massive fraud with stock and ignored many laws. But if stockholders hadn’t been so negative, ignored the laws, forgive
    them and put faith back in the company, the company would have never had
    problems and would be still around!" What you are asking of people is frankly
    illogical, and too some extend, maliciously apathetic.   

    price good men pay for indifference to public affairs is to be ruled by evil
    men” ~ Plato

  • M1sf1tM1sf1t Member UncommonPosts: 1,583

    Umm.....games aren't people so they can't be bullied. Games are products and a crappy product deserves a crappy response especially if you've sunk money into it and realized you just flushed that money down the toilet.

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  • CleffyCleffy Member RarePosts: 6,262

    I don't think you understand.  Those Games Suck; and they make they player feel like the developer robbed them of thier money because they are no fun to play and completely unfinished.  In Dark and Light's case; they are now completely pissing on the players.

    It's simply well-deserved and the games look like they had a 1 year development with a staff of 10.

  • OwynOwyn Member Posts: 337
    It's interesting - there's a lot of really BAD games out there, but most of them don't get a lot of complaints.  Why do some games get grief, and others not?

    1) Some, like Mourning, get grief because they are basically scams.

    2) Others, like WOW, get grief and support in equal measure, because they're very high profile, and people like arguing about them.  ;)

    3) Then there are games like DnL, which hype themselves up - a LOT - to try to compete with the Big Name games.  When the finished product really is comparable, this works great.  When the finished product is substantially sub-par, it's an invitation to disaster.  People feel lied to, is what it really boils down to, if a company promises to deliver product X, but doesn't manage to even come close to customer expectations.  This leads to anger, which creates the threads you're talking about.

    Commander, Defenders of Order

  • baffbaff Member Posts: 9,457

    When a game is very bad or doing something very wrong, they deserve all the bad press they can get.

    Crap games like Matrix Online deserve abuse. The dev's deserve abuse. The publishers deserve abuse. Anyone on the forums "trying to make it better" by convincing new people to pay money to play so that it will get better, deserves abuse.

    Games like City of Nerfs and Planetside when they introduce things that the players specifically ask them not to, deserve abuse. The dev's deserve abuse. The publishers deserve abuse. Anyone on the forums "trying to make it better" by getting unhappy people to pay money to  keep playing so that it will get better, deserves abuse.

    When you find a rat living in your fridge, you don't pet it, you kill it. Not everything in life deserves a fair chance or a "positive attitude".

  • Jerek_Jerek_ Member Posts: 409

    Even if responses to these sub par games seems overly harsh to you, there's a good reason for them.  Games like you mentioned are a serious step in the wrong direction for mmorpg's.  Every time people pay to play crap like this it takes the entire industry in the wrong direction by saying, 'we will pay for total crap.  You don't need to inovate, create, or improve, just shovel us some more of the same old or worse and we will gladly open our wallets.'

    Of course not everyone will agree what games are the best, but as a community it is in our best interests to determine what the 'bottom line' is that a game must reach, and stomp the unholy crap out of anything that falls below it. 

  • JorevJorev Member Posts: 1,500

    It's because gamers are tired of developers releasing unpolished, incomplete games and advertising aspects which are not present upon release. They have gotten away with it in the early days of MMOGs because of lack of competition but players are now demanding better quality and truth in advertising.

    "We feel gold selling and websites that promote it damage games like Vanguard and will do everything possible to combat it."
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