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looking for new mmorpg

BCuseBCuse Member Posts: 140

I know others have probably asked, but im looking for a new mmorpg.  i have played SWG and WoW.  I loved the OLD SWG (pre nge of course) and got bored with wow kind of quick.  I like owning my own house, collecting and making friends.  I lean towards sci-fi but willing to try anything good.  any recommendations?  what do you like of that game?

thanks for the help!


  • katriellkatriell Member UncommonPosts: 977

    A lot of people who liked pre-NGE SWG also like Saga of Ryzom. But the housing in Ryzom is limited to an instanced apartment that is only good for storage (can't decorate or invite others in). However, the upcoming free expansion Ryzom Ring might satisfy a desire to decorate and such.

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