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Vanguard is NOT hardcore



  • TorakTorak Member Posts: 4,905

    Originally posted by dink

    Originally posted by Novalar 

    At the moment I plan on playing D&D Online as most of the adventuresquests are available as solo content and therefore I can play at my own pace for a bit.  Then I will join others for group runs once I understand the system! 

    Still looking forward to Vanguard though. 

    Um. . .  no they aren't.  In fact, unless they've changed things radically since the last week of beta, every quest requires grouping after the first area (that has only about 1 hour of content).

    No no no, nothing is soloable in D&DO right now. Stay away.............stay away..............

    Bah, there is so much bad to say about this game, just forget it............

    (in all fairness, they are planning on changing that however...eventually....its Turbine for pete's sake, they haven't made or unkept a game correctly yet)

  • TorakTorak Member Posts: 4,905

    Originally posted by Vengeful

    Originally posted by Torak

    lol.  You can't have it both ways.
    1.  Corpse runs suck and offer nothing to the gameplay mechanic. I prefer to take an xp hit or drop an item and be done with it. Don't make me go back to a spot I just got killed in. I got killed there once already, obviously its to hard or something. (duh)
    They actually do. They add a dynamic form of death penalty. Dying on a hill outside of a capital city, where you didn't adventure very far and aren't taking any risk is LESS of a penalty than dying in the middle of a dungeon, where the rewards are greater.
    I guess I see flashbacks of AC. Have you ever died in an acid pit? nough said Took half my fricking guild to get me out of that one.
    2.  It has xp debt/loss.
    I've played two games with debt, and I've barely even noticed it.
    Depends on the game I guess, in the DAoC of a few years ago, death XP loss was a very large. L2 you feel it also and you have item drop.
    3.  It has long travel times.
    Done correctly, this could add alot to the excitement of a game. Given the track record of MMO designers, I'm not so sure....
    I'm excited to see what they mean by "meaningful travel". The designers of this game have seen EQ travel go from too long to too short, and they've seen the WoWified Griffon travel, which is better but kills immersion. I think it would be easier to zero in on a balance.
    Travel is a tricky thing I guess, "to real" and it could kill the playability, to soft and its arcade. GW uses the instant travel and it feels to fast or something. It doesn't claim to be an MMO though.
    4.  So? Why is everyone so hard up to get to cap in a game? Level caps are just a number, they have nothing to do with the quality or content, it just means your math moves along faster. If the content is interesting and high quality level makes no difference whatso ever.
    The question is....will vanguard have quality content or just kill task? If that is the case, there is no point in playing the game as there are dozens of fantasy grinders out there already.
    I read there are already 50 dungeons on 1 of 3 continents, including mini dungeons and about 8 or so (I forget how many) "primere" dungeons.
    Speed of capping makes no difference whatso ever IF the game is quality and entertaining. Level cap "ideally" is just a number. Will the content be able to support an interesting and engaging grind is really the question.
    In a true sandbox game its not really important anyway. What is more important is what you are doing. What role you are taking. What choices you make, what impact you have on the community. Levels are just numbers. A gage for what your toon can and can't do, nothing more.
    On top of it, what do you do when you reach cap? Putz around for a little bit then either reroll or move on to the next grinder game. 

    6.  I haven't seen any hard numbers about what percentage of what will be please.
    A cursory glance at didn't turn it up, but I've seen Brad post it himself on several ocassions. 20% Casual/Solo 60% Group 20% Raid
    What I don't like about some of the newer games is they pick out for me what is group and what is solo. Am I an idiot and can't tell for myself it a mob or group of mobs is to hard for me? Am I anti-social and can't get help without the game pre-chewing it for me? I can't use assorted skills to maybe find another way to complete it?
    EQII is a good example. I select a mob and it auto selects an entire group of them. Weee...they made group content.
    These are the differences between hardcore and accessible games.  If you want to have a semantic argument about what "hardcore" is - then go ahead and use the word however you wish in your head. . .  just don't expect us to change the gaming language with you.
    Hardcore is sort of subjective. People claim L2 is hardcore but I would say its no more hardcore then any other game. WoW has an easy trip to level 60 but thats not the real grind.
    Agreed. I would say "Hardcore" refers to games that require 40 hours a week to get anything done. Vanguard isn't one of those games. I think Sigil has tried their best to let everyone know that this isn't the sort of game you go into expecting to get to Max level in a month or two, and systematically work your way through the content, looking up where to get the l33t gear so you can have the right gear to do this dungeon to get evel l33ter gear.
    Vanguard is a game you'll enjoy more if you take your time with it, and allow yourself to become immersed. Slowing progression down doesn't mean Hardcore, it just means that it's different then some of the whistle'n'bell type of game play that everyone is accustomed to.
    Well specific mechanic do make something "hardcore" I guess. WoW for example, you MUST do the raids to get a certain quality of gear. In L2 all you need is the money. Which one is MORE hardcore and less limiting. Again, why does the game "force" me to do something in WOW? Thats not "hardcore, thats limiting my options and forcing/feeding me a route to go.
    As far as fast leveling goes, the speed is completely irrelevant. Why do you need to hit cap fast? If the game is fun and engaging the little number next to your name shouldn't mean anything aside from what abilities or skills you may have.
    You said, "Plus, the Devs have said numorous times that they enjoy WoW and so i believe they understand that they should not make a hardcore grindfest."  They've also said many times that they are commited to making a game designed for hardcore gamers and not moving away from corpse runs, adding in fast travel, raising the rate of advancement, etc. because there are a number of hardcore gamers that want these features. . .   at least until they actually play them and their nostalgia intersects with reality.
    WoW may not have a hardcore level grind but it uses the same laim basic kill task formulae as everyone else. They couldn't make it a hard grind or else the game would be no different then anything else except with cartoony graphics.
    I'll also add, that the "Devs" never said it was for the Hardcore...they never said it was for the Softcore. It is for the Core!!1! Groups of 3-6. Plays 3 or 4 hours a day, more on weekends. Has at least 1 or 2 IRL friends that they play with. May solo occasionally...may raid occasionally. If anything, I would say Vanguard is aimed more towards a Casual Audience than WoW is at endgame.
    I agree on that corpse run thing, that very bad idea. I think anyone that has ever experienced corpse runs would agree its a waste of the players time. (I did AC back in the day) 
    WoW has corpse runs, albeit retarded pussified corpse runs, but it has it. And beings that we're gonna have our horse, and gear when we try to get our gear back, and...if we are in a dungeon there are gonna be other people in that dungeon because it's not instanced, it shouldn't be as hard and as grueling as everyone makes it out to be.
    ROFLMAO Thanks for that, I died a few nights ago in WoW and didn't think anything of it.  (yeah, yeah my wife makes me play it with her ok?) I'm actually scared of dieing in L2. (I lost an armor piece once...a very expensive piece...sigh)
    Wow this is colorful
  • _Entropy__Entropy_ Member Posts: 9

    It probably will be hardcore. Everquest 1 was hardcore, but was still a [Edit] awesome game. Hardcore doesn't necessarily mean bad, it just means you won't reach the ultimate level in a few months like most games these days. EverQuest 1 was tedious as a [Edit], but god, it was still the best experiene I've EVER had with a videogame (pre-Planes of Power expansion).

    [Edited by Finwe. Mod's Note: I know you didn't mean anything by it. But in the future. Could you tone down the profanity a smidge? A bit here and there is fine. But try to keep it to a minimum. Thank you.]

  • EthanaelEthanael Member UncommonPosts: 194

    Vanguard will be as hardcore as the player makes it.  That doesn't just go for Vanguard either.  That goes for all MMO's.  It is also how you, as the player, defines 'hardcore'.  Do you want to spend 24/7 to get to the endgame and to be the best player by doing nothing in life by playing the game? (thats hardcore to me) Or do you want to be the casual player that chills out, crafts and enjoys some great landscapes.  It's up to the individual player how 'hardcore' they want a game to be.  As far as game mechanics go... I haven't found one game that proved to be difficult for me to adjust to.  So, like I said,  It's as hardcore as you make it.

  • achellisachellis Member Posts: 542
    its just trying to be a good agme


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