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Kriminal99Kriminal99 Member Posts: 377
This game constantly moved towards being having more and more specialization over its lifespan... not that it wasn't fairly specialized to begin with.  Now the population is much lower, so the specialization has killed it.  I tried playing it again, but there was noone to make weapons, noone to implant, no one to purchase faction specific equipment from etc.  So I quit... subtracting from the number of people playing even more.  They have definitely created a negative feedback loop with this game. 

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  • JestunhiJestunhi Member UncommonPosts: 40

    Many things have contributed to killing this game...

    Specialisation is not one of them.

  • JestunhiJestunhi Member UncommonPosts: 40

    I find most people quit due to the low population. Therefore the game needs a big injection of players to make everyone stay.

    The bugs are annoying, the lack of balance is annoying, the lack of content is annoying, the whining carebears / ally pkers (depending on which you are) are annoying, the LE state is annoying...

    Plenty of things cause people to quit, but i think the most used reason is "no one plays this game anymore".

  • ZoneseeKZoneseeK Member Posts: 48
    rofl this game died years ago and a lot more then overspecialization killed it...

    Originally posted by StanLee2

    I have to weigh in also. Neocrap 1 and 2 are both terrible.

    As an MMORPG game designer (wont say for whom) this should never have been taken out of alpha.


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