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Cabal online

ShinzheShinzhe Member Posts: 2

Interesting cool game from korea getting translated to english...

Dont skip the site intro its hella cooooooooooooool.....



  • gizard89gizard89 Member UncommonPosts: 89
    Isnt it already post on the open beta forum .Anyway it's seriously a new gen of gaming.But the background graphic can still be improved xD.Just my opinion.
  • ModiexploModiexplo Member Posts: 22
    The game looks like a mix of conquer and MU online. Seems cool. I plan on trying it out and seeing wat the gameplay is like after seeing the review
  • ModiexploModiexplo Member Posts: 22
    Oh man, the movie does look awesome. Problem is, you need to w8 till july for signing up. The movie showed me that it was an active and graphic game.
  • JTTHJTTH Member Posts: 13
    the HP has changed (?) to www.cabalonline.com

    im definetly checking this game out before age of conan arrives

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