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Neocron 2: 10 Day Trial - Question

theanimedudetheanimedude Member UncommonPosts: 1,610

Hey everyone.

I actually just decided to try Neocron 2 and it's free trial.

I finished the tutorial, and afterwards, it seemed to delete my character. I was fine with this, I just rerolled, told it I didn't want to do the tutorial this time, and it keeps bringing me back to the create character screen.

Anyways, I was looking for information on this, and couldn't. With the 10 day free trial can you only play the tutorial?

I was just wondering because I can't seem to fix it.

Also, the game seems rather interesting, the tutorial really peaked my interest, and I wan't to get more into the story. But it's kind of hard when I can't play ::::15::



  • VasquezVasquez Member Posts: 18
    did you maybe tried accidently to log into another server as the one you choosed first?

  • theanimedudetheanimedude Member UncommonPosts: 1,610

    Found the answer:

    sometimes after the tutorial you get connected to a different server than the one you created your character on, just hit back and choose the proper server.


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