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internet browsers



  • DekronDekron Member UncommonPosts: 7,358

    How about we not rez 3 year old threads.  Don't be a necro, R.I.P. thread.


  • MW2KMW2K Member UncommonPosts: 1,036

    You forgot to do something, Dekron...::::29::

  • cornoffcobcornoffcob Member Posts: 860

    i use mozilla i like it cuz of the tabs thing...its a shitload better than IE i've nevver heard of opera though.......

    I hope some day we can all put aside our racisms and prejudices and just laugh at people


  • arry2002ukarry2002uk Member Posts: 14
    As a webdesigner I've always been prone to running Netscape, IE and Mozilla for testing purposes but I tend to stick with Mozila most of the time.
  • RyeeRyee Member Posts: 14
    How about we dont jump on the new chick?  I didnt even look at the date of the OP...so fogive me but it was a simple mistake.

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    Watch out behind you, as you never know what lurks in the shadows...

    Ryee-Tul Acharn

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