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Realmscape Site

KeagganKeaggan Member Posts: 2

Just giving everyone a heads up on a new MMORPG made by an indie group called Realmscape.

Realmscape is set in a place where harden marines fight powerful mages and giant mechs battle ancient dragons. Explore wondrous cities and exotic lands. Or if you like a slower pace of life become a merchant and sell crafted items to travelers, warriors and adventurers. Make advanced weapons and mystical armor for your faction or provide them for all sides. You can also ride monstrous beasts and mythical creatures or drive armored vehicles and those massive mechs.

The site is just starting up so head on over give it your support.




  • GreatnessGreatness Member UncommonPosts: 2,106
    No link?


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  • KeagganKeaggan Member Posts: 2

    Originally posted by Greatness
    No link?

    LoL sorry here you go www.RealmscapeOnline.com
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