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The Uses of Crude Sapphire/Opal?

JiraiyaJiraiya Member Posts: 150
Most u guys probably found some c.spphire and opal. The price if sold to npcs are 100k for opal and 150k for c.spphire. Any one know the uses of it? Pretty fishy that its worth so much.


  • EzikeilEzikeil Member Posts: 148

    Read up on the Master Skill Quests on the Web Site you need like 10 of both for a quest. And don't forget to mention Crystals at 50K a pop. They're also a very rare drop for me anyway image

    -> http://www.knight-online.com.my/advanced_quest.asp <-


    60 60 Master Specialty Skill

    Take a Lobo Pendant, a Lupus Pendant, a Lycaon Pendant, 10 Crystals, 10 Opals, and 10 Crude Sapphires to Warrior Master Skaky and he’ll let you choose your Master Specialty Skills. You can find Warrior Master Skaky in Breth(270,1655) Village for Karus and Piana Village(1700,380) for El Morad.



    When You're Falling of a Cliff You Might Aswell Try To Fly.

    When You're Falling of a Cliff You Might Aswell Try To Fly.

  • rathmarathma Member UncommonPosts: 3,786
     I had a feeling i shouldn't have sold that....




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  • sir-animasir-anima Member Posts: 210
    yep you should check the site beter

  • GnarledGnarled Member Posts: 566
    Bah, I think in the early levels you are better off with the money to buy gear.

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  • JiraiyaJiraiya Member Posts: 150

    Oh i missed that part of the webby. Btw i feel if u need money, sell it first. Im lvl 26 and i gt like 5 c.spphire and 4opal so far, though i sold all the opals for cash already.

  • ParaTrooperParaTrooper Member Posts: 1,961
    I read that the mage one needs 50 gavolt wings...... we're stuffed....ya know how often they drop.

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  • darkmandarkman Member UncommonPosts: 767

    And I wanted to be a mage o_O. Mage or warrior? T_T

  • JiraiyaJiraiya Member Posts: 150
    Yeah....LOL. It took me ages to get the 5 gavolt wings for the quest. Imagine....50imageimage

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