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Is it worth my return?

ixontesixontes Member UncommonPosts: 317
My friend still plays and he took over my account back in December of 2004 (he has 2 accounts dating back to 2000 and my account that dates back to 1997). My house is still there on the road between Yew and Skara Brae and another house on the strip of land where you go through Trinsic (on the beach).

I left to play SWG and it sucks now.

Would it be worth my while to return?


  • obiiobii Member UncommonPosts: 804
    Use a 15 day trial account to check it out.

    In my opinion it is not worth it and I take a break from UO now too.
    Population seems a lot lower and pvm is only worth it in the new lands and then only if you hunt certain monsters.
    PvP is broken like always, though now you really need lots of gold to be competitive in pvp.

  • Domu120890Domu120890 Member Posts: 11
    Me myself haven't played the game yet but i heard it was really good one of the first rpg's i would acutally play (I never like everquest).

    Current Game to beat again:God of War Ps2.
    Guildwars (Get to lvl 20)

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