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Beta Testing

Hi has anyone got into the beta testing for LOTRO yet? I'm not sure but I think I signed up for it a few weekds ago and they haven't replied with anything so I'm just wondering if anyone has already got in. The problem is my account with Codemaster is very muddled because I don't know if the Codemaster account I created is the same as the ones I created for Archlord and LOTRO, also being me I've gone and forgotten all my passwords. 


  • GrindalyxGrindalyx Member UncommonPosts: 657
    You use the same account for all of codemasters games. I have a codemaster account. If you don' remember your password you can have them send you a new password and change it.


  • DainterDainter Member Posts: 45

    They have not publicly announced that anyone has been accepted into beta yet.

    And I know of nobody that has been accepted.  Of course I don't really know a lot of people.

  • oakthornnoakthornn Member UncommonPosts: 863
    Public Beta has not started yet.. At this stage, Turbine is testing the game in house only..Hopefully public beta will start soon If they plan on meeting their deadline with a Q4 2006 release..Its June right now,which gives them approximately 6 months to get this game released... Somehow,I highly doubt it will be done by then..

    Rallithon Oakthornn
    (Retired Heirophant of the 60th season)

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