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2 Handed swords besides Katana?

Linkman214Linkman214 Member CommonPosts: 91

Are there any two handed swords besides the generic looking katana in the game?

can someone post a pic if there is?


  • PsyXPsyX Member Posts: 220
    The katana aint 2 handed , the No-dachi is :P

    but sure ill make a list

    One of the swordstaffs (cant remmber since i dont have a swordschar)
    Lots of UOML weapons that i dont know anything about
    like radient scimitar and so on ..
    The duel wield SE sword ..whatever its called
    (sword of propserity uses that model)

    and a few more ..

    And ps. Fencers > swords , always

  • LokimerLokimer Member Posts: 89

    A proper sword build would wtfpwn a fencer hands down.

    All axes use the sword skill as well. Swords, lumberjacking, tactics, anatomy, healing, magery, eval.

    Explo, Corp por hally

  • PsyXPsyX Member Posts: 220
    A the old school Newb roach mage..

    Hally + explo + eb = probly the worst .. tactic ever..
    back in the day when it acctually worked.. why?
    becouse a 4 year old can heal through it..

    -pre cast g-heal-
    *nub* explo - eb - insta hit
    -drop g-heal- point laugh.

    Weaken , Magic missle , nox from DP kryss , fireball
    swtich to DP spear (pre uo:r after all) spamm some harm
    to keep the cure/mini heals away , get that insta hit with your spear
    drop the sucker with a e-bolt..

  • Linkman214Linkman214 Member CommonPosts: 91
    well can anyone post pictures of 2 handed swords?
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