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How much is it?

molitarmolitar Member Posts: 17
If I do the 10 day trial how much they charge for the full game at the end of the 10 day trial?  Wondering if it's much cheaper to go purchase it elsewhere.  Also how much is the monthly charge?


  • fisch0rfisch0r Member Posts: 30


    Box Version
    If you already bought Neocron2 in a store and have a valid unused cd-key you should choose this option to claim your free month.
    Test Version
    If you don't have bought Neocron2 in a shop you can choose to try Neocron2 using this option. You will get billed for the purchase after the 10 day trial period.
    There will be no charges to your account during the first 10 days. If you cancel your account during the trial phase there will be no charges at all.

    The monthly price is 13€ or about 15$ atm. Same price like many others.

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  • NidhoggNidhogg Member Posts: 36

    The current subscription fees for Neocron 2 are:

    1 month for €12.95
    3 month for €29.95
    6 month for €49.95

    Of course you can create a 10-day trial account first to get a picture of the game before you make your final decision. More information about this can be obtained from our product website under http://www.neocron.com


  • JestunhiJestunhi Member UncommonPosts: 40
    Do the trial... worst comes to worst cancel it before the 10 days are up.

    NC is the best or the worst MMO out there, depending on who you ask. Whilst it's not often i agree with my old mate Nidhogg... it's best to try it yourself to see what you think rather than going on other peopls opinions.

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