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Ummm Any word?

Any word on beta keys? With all the hype, figured it should of happened by now.

Nevermind. Please delete mod.

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  • rwgober92rwgober92 Member Posts: 94
    there where beta keys in a pc magazine about a month ago.... i think it was like computer gaming world or something like that.... there was a topic about it if you wanna look it up....
  • SpiritofGameSpiritofGame Member UncommonPosts: 1,332

    Fell to the bottom.  Here's a bit of info reposted:


    From Aradune Mithara (Brad McQuaid), posted today (5/29)

    1. People from both the regular and CGM pools will be pulled in for Beta 3, our next phase.

    2. Beta 3 will be BIG.

    3. We will also, rather than just randomly selecting from these pools (plus also filtering based on system specs), allow people to bring in friends and guildmates.


    Hold on, will get the link in a sec.

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