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Neocron, now incredibly cheap

DarkchronicDarkchronic Member Posts: 1,088

Neocron 2

Neocron 2, for 98p, I just ordered it.

Well, just to let you know, that you can buy it, very cheaply.

No Userbar here, sorry to disappoint.


  • grimbojgrimboj Member Posts: 2,102

    Yeah it was £1.99 in the GAME sale

    Note: PlayNC will refuse to allow you access to your account if you forget your password and can't provide a scanned image of the product key for the first product you purchased..... LOL

  • epro121epro121 Member Posts: 3
    i got it for 98p at GAME too. havent been able to set up the account though because its too confusing (the nOOb in me). Its monthly fees arnt nearly as bad as some other MMOs out there.

    laugh & the world laughs with you, weep & you weep alone.

  • blingbladeblingblade Member Posts: 42

    lol the fees are low because they are desperate for player base.  Neocron used to be a decent MMoRPG, now its just a place to go and chat until u get shot in the back by that one stealthy spy who appears randomly after a few hours of nothing at all...

    used to be so full of people the server would crash when everyone would mass at the plaza 1 before they removed the safezones. lol good times those....

    Now u can play for weeks and maybe see 20 people running around if that.  Ive long since retired and deleted all the info i had of that poor excuse for a game...

  • fisch0rfisch0r Member Posts: 30
    Maybe someone of MMORPG .com should take a look on the "BUY IT" link. The price is very old and its linked to Neocron ! 1 ! on Amazon.com

    Life is a bad MMORPG.
    But with good Graphics 0_0

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