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Best ingame song ever created?



  • apollo99apollo99 Member Posts: 55

    I absolutely love the old Shiva Theme (Original opening theme) from Eve Online. Gets me oh so nostalgic. =')

    Another one that I love is Below the Asteroids

    One that may surprise people, I can't help but like Autumn Voyage from Runescape. Flame away, but I like it. It's another nostalgia one I suppose.

  • dzikundzikun Member Posts: 150

    AoC soundrack hands down... Its the one thing (except the fatalities) they got right in this game.


    And... I'm sorry to say this but WoW music... Gods how much time i spant on this game just listening to music while roleplaying... One i remeber the most is the stormwind one and the Silvermoon one.. Gah... Its an addiction.. Each time i hear the music or see the intro for vannilla WoW i feel want to go back...>.>

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  • JuliaGomze88JuliaGomze88 Newbie CommonPosts: 1
    The best ingame songs include:

    "Still Alive" - Portal
    "One-Winged Angel" - Final Fantasy VII
    "Baba Yetu" - Civilization IV
    "Gerudo Valley" - The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time
    "Megalovania" - Undertale
    "Song of the Ancients" - NieR: Automata
    Each song has a unique melody and leaves a strong impression.
  • lindorm901lindorm901 Newbie CommonPosts: 9
    Well, I always said it as a meme, but the Tetris theme song is goated. I really vibe with that song
  • DigDuggyDigDuggy Member RarePosts: 676
    edited May 27 Might not have heard of this, but the 'Tetris' song.
  • DiercusaDiercusa Newbie CommonPosts: 6
    The Song of Storms from Ocarina of Time or Gerudo Valley
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