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ManweZManweZ Member Posts: 65
I love CoH! Therefore, is RF Online for me?


  • GrimReapezGrimReapez Member Posts: 463

    If you love CoH play CoH!!!

    RF isn't CoH....

    Do not hate it, but instead embrace the diversity.

  • NotoriousXNotoriousX Member UncommonPosts: 197
    *nods with GrimReapez* i think CoV is for you

    Tormented echoes of a fallen Eden
    I longed for her beauty
    Yet from dust, she returned
    The dream, an enigma.... silent


  • ManweZManweZ Member Posts: 65

    Ok someone has to have some maturity to give me a good reply like a comparison between the two games.

  • SceneGGSceneGG Member UncommonPosts: 97

    RFO is completely different to CoH/CoV... Its more PvP orientated, no instancing, and requires a lot more patience to play, eg: it takes about 24hrs to get from 39-40 in a good party in ether, without dieing. Be prepared for a grind.

    hope this helps

  • AuriakusAuriakus Member Posts: 7

    CoV is way more polished than RF.  RF still has alot of work to do.  As far as content goes, RF has very little.  THe grind is pretty bad too.  Nothing worse than a boring landscape dotted by the same monster for your grinding pleasure- and it comes with tons of farmers too! (UG)

    The graphics are not nearly the "10" states.  More like a "7" (Lineage2 is a "10").  Classes/races are weak in comparison to CoV.  Not too many bells and whistles.  The game is just pretty lacking overall- sorry It's like trying to compare a Porsche or nice new SUV to a used rusted out Olds.  You can't compare CoV to RF- one is a complete game and the other is not.

    Stay with CoV.

  • ManweZManweZ Member Posts: 65

    Thank you.

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