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New guitar player

ZepeeZepee Member Posts: 947
Well I started playing the guitar some time ago, and I would like someone to tell me some easy songs to start with. I want both song that use chords or that are finger picked(is this how you say it?), but they must be of easy/mid-easy level. Oh, and preferably well known musics.

Oh, and if you already see the song posted you were going to say, please don't post it again.. either post a constructive coment on that song or write a new one.


P.S. I will write down a list of all the songs profered here.


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  • F'ing-FoxusF'ing-Foxus Member Posts: 48
    You just started? Practise your goddamn scales first kid. Noone wants to hear a song played by someone who doesn't know what he is doing. Get good at your scales and try not to run before you can walk.

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