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No healers?

I didn't see anything about a healer class on their webiste.

Can this be?


  • OculitusOculitus Member Posts: 203
    Oracle Disciple is the closest thing to the classic healer class in Spellborn.  It seems they'll have buffing and debuffing skills as well.

    Having said that, all classes will have some degree of healing, but the Oracle Disciple will have more healing abilities than any other class.  Check out the class section of the FAQ on the main page. 

  • mutantmagnetmutantmagnet Member Posts: 274
    From DevChat #2 pertaining to warriors.

    mutantmagnet: I quote from the Classes forum "Our intention is indeed to not fall back on the holy trinity. It is unfair to say that there is one class which can heal, as healing ability will be spread across multiple classes."

    Co-N: Yes one of the things we really wanted to avoid is having character classes standing in the back disconnected from the fight, usually that's the healers.
    We want all classes to be involved in combat when their group is attacked and give the players the choice if they want to act as a support class or go all out on damage. The way each class supports or fights is completely different from each other.
    Healing is something all classes will have in one form or the other. Each class has its own way of healing himself and possibly party members.
    For example, the Blood warrior can transfer life to bloodlinked targets if he/she wishes to do so. And then afterwards heal him/herself. A skill from another class heals friendly targets around the opponent you hit.
    Most of the time it requires careful aiming and timing to make sure people are healed and it always requires players to be engaged in combat rather then pushing buttons standing in the back.
  • NaazirNaazir Member Posts: 90
    hmm... interesting I guess. Hard to say if I'll like it without trying it though. I'm looking forward to the inventiveness they have but I've been burnt too many times before. Keeping my eyes open on this one...

  • ste3vunste3vun Member UncommonPosts: 24

    oracle diciple


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