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is it worth starting?

geteggeteg Member Posts: 14

hiyas. so ya im looking for a mmo and came across rf online. its looks pretty fun to play. but im hearing that it isnt. so is this game still fun and enjoyable even for new players? or is it just boring and filled with bots?

thanks. =)


  • b0rderline99b0rderline99 Member Posts: 1,441
    well it all depends on what type of gamer you are. and by this i mean that EVERYTHING depends on what type fo gamer you are.  If you are a grindfest loving hard core PVPer this game is for you.  If you are anything else then you will hate it.  If you are a casual gamer at all then dont buy the game it just does not cater to caual gamers in the least bit.  The game centers around the chip wars which only the highest level peace make any real difference in.  the bots werent really a problem when i played but the factions where extreamly unbalanced with just over 50% of my server being a bellato (the faction which gets MECHs)
  • Sou|Sou| Member Posts: 43
    no,waste your money somewhere else.

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