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Geme List - Add options for registered users

IweilIweil Member Posts: 10

Hi guys,

Been watching the tidbits for WoW from this site for a while now, and since they seem to keep putting the game off, I wanted to test some other games.  I went to the game list and sorted by Status and  went and checked out the Beta test games...most of them required that you fill out a form and if you lucky they'd pick you.  So I figured I just go and list by game rank and check out the sites that way.  Well that's cool...and as I went through them some were free and some were outragously over-priced.  This is when I figured I'd write up a site suggestion for the Game List portion of your web site.  I was thinking that maybe you could have it so that registered users could decide what columns they'd like to see listed.  I know I'd love to see a combo Retail Price and Monthly Price in the game list (that way I could figure out, more quickly, which ones will fit into my gaming budet), but other things that would be nice to list by would be things like game play style (3-d, 2-d, First Person shooter, Zelda style, that kind of thing), beta signup style (free to play, or selected few) or maybe even poistive feedback vs negative feedback.  Some of this is already availible on the site, other things might have to be added to the database.

Just a thought...I'd love to hear what you all think.



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    Yep, that is exactly what we are planning.  We are going to add some new data graphics style (2D,3D) and if they allow PvP, crafting, and housing.  Then we will allow people to customize "their" game list...filtering out games based on genre, platform, graphics style, etc, etc. 

    We will have an option to select your columns, and then another feature to "compare" titles...which will arrange games (that you select) in a table format for comparison on price, fees, and other goodies.

    This is in the works - but is going to require a lot of hang tight :)

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    - MMORPG.COM Staff -

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