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no starting city?

i cant help but keep thinking of past videos that ive seen (ive seen them all) and i keep thinking that in one of them they said that when the game launches, the main cities of the game arent going to be open yet, cause theyre going to still be being made at launch... is this true?


  • HaradekHaradek Member Posts: 47

    No thats not correct, all of the playable races starting cities will be ready. Worse case scenario would be more along the lines that certain high level areas may not be open...while I have no inside info, I can pretty much guarantee that starting cities will be there at release.


    Haradek Shadowstalker

  • TommyKHartTommyKHart Member UncommonPosts: 294

    From what ive read you start the game in a small village. You wont see towns and cities at the start of the game. I'm expecting that large cities will will only be seen when your high or mid lvl or if you risk your life  exploring into high lvl areas.

  • rwgober92rwgober92 Member Posts: 94
    im gonna go watch the videos again, cause i could have sworn that i heard/saw something that said that the cities would be out till about a month after its know, since the games so big and all....
  • SpiritofGameSpiritofGame Member UncommonPosts: 1,332

    Thinking I won't be moving around too much during the first month.  Probably need that time to get to level 10 and acquire the first basic mount.

    Then I think you would want to branch out and head for greener pastures and big cities.

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