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Lineage 2 worth playing?



  • KabulozoKabulozo Member RarePosts: 932
    edited May 2017
    L2 died a long time ago. Not worth anymore. Maybe some still goood low rate private servers are still fun.
  • MikehaMikeha Member EpicPosts: 9,196
    Lineage 2 is free to play so give it a try. 

    I still log on from time to time.  =)
  • RavenRaven Member UncommonPosts: 2,005
    Still my favourite MMORPG in its hayday nothing beats the politics and the great times I had in this game. It is dead now, every now and then I try it and it just makes me depressed.


  • MrMonolitasMrMonolitas Member UncommonPosts: 263
    I still could suggest you europe classic server. Population is steady, and new patch actually increased it. Seeing new people all the time. Its pay to play btw. I play there from the start, dont regret it. 
  • CarpenterFruitCarpenterFruit Member CommonPosts: 2
    Yeah, Lineage II is worth playing, just avoid NCWest servers. I think you're better off playing on Innova or Gamecoast, or even finding some kind of private server.
  • Spellforce33Spellforce33 Newbie CommonPosts: 2
    L2 Order VS Chaos ✔️ Grand opening 25 October ✔️ High Five GvE faction server ✔️ No donation for gear when server starts ✔️ Rich PvP/PvE gameplay with more than 70 events to play! ? Real money achievements system & daily quests ? Register & read more at : l2ovc. com
  • MikehaMikeha Member EpicPosts: 9,196
    L2 Order VS Chaos ✔️ Grand opening 25 October ✔️ High Five GvE faction server ✔️ No donation for gear when server starts ✔️ Rich PvP/PvE gameplay with more than 70 events to play! ? Real money achievements system & daily quests ? Register & read more at : l2ovc. com

    Let me know when you have a server thats Chronicle 1 with 0 XP Boost and no dual boxing allowed. 
  • Spellforce33Spellforce33 Newbie CommonPosts: 2
    I don't think there is a server like that out there. However if you look to have some fun on mass pvp l2ovc is perfect for that.
  • KabulozoKabulozo Member RarePosts: 932
    Lineage 2M will have a PC version, which will support 4K resolution.
  • L2EricaL2Erica Newbie CommonPosts: 1
    L2Erica Interlude PvP Server 5000x
    Grand Opening 19-04-2020 Custom Server
    Safe +8 Max +18 / Blessed Scroll 100% to +14 (fail lose only scroll)/ Golden Scroll 70%(fail lose only scroll)
    Special RaidBosses instaces and Party Zone / Farm Zone
    Titanium Armor,Dinasty Armor,Dusk Weapons,Special Acessories
    ️️️️️️️ International community
    View more at: (download patch 300MB)
    Join Discord

    ...::::::::::: GENERAL INFORMATION :::::::::::...
    Starting Level - 80 [PVP SERVER]
    Starting subclass level - 80
    Maximum subclasses - 5
    Noblesse last-hit barakiel or buy with farm token
    MAXIMUM CLAN SLOTS: 52 No alliance.
    ...::::::::::: ENCHANT SERVER :::::::::::...
    Safe Enchant = +8
    Max Enchant Blessed = +14 Max Enchant Weapon = +18
    Max Enchant Armor AND Jewels = +18
    Scroll Enchant = 80% failed crystalize item
    Blessed Enchant = 80% max = +14 failed lose only scroll
    Golden Enchant(+14 to -18) = 55% failed lose only scroll

    ...::::::::::: SYSTEMS :::::::::::...
    Olympiads retail items with max ench +6
    Castle Siege every week ONLY GIRAN,RUNE,ADEN
    Flawless Geodata & Pathnodes
    Olympiad Games Retail like (with some custom restrictions)
    .offline / .menu
    Dressing system Assasin/Killer/Beleth/Dark/Draconic/Anakim
    Vote buff added(Def/HP/Patk)
    Party Matching & Boss Hunting
    See all the parties in in our server live, and ask leader to join them, by a just single button ''Party request''.
    To make the game easier and more enjoyable for both the solo and clan players
    we have created Instanced Dungeons which you can enter 12 hours
    If you fail to complete the dungeon you cannot re-enter until next reset at 18:00 UTC +3
    Donation Coins can be farmed in-game to keep fairplay
    Rune Power Manager
    (Rune Pages drop at PT ZONE/BOSSES)
    (WIZZARD/HUNTER/TANK/SNIPER/BLESSED/WILD MAGIC) upgradeble up to level 10 , there are 6 different runes and can use only one at a time.

    ...::::::::::: CUSTOM ITEM :::::::::::...
    Titanium Armor obtainable by slaying bosses(100% chance)
    (+5-10% better than DRACONIC/IMPERIAL/DARK CRYSTAL)
    Jade Armor Armor obtainable by farming coins
    Dinasty Armor obtainable by slaying bosses(20% chance)
    (+10-15% better than DRACONIC/IMPERIAL/DARK CRYSTAL)
    Accesories added as special hats (+100 Pdef/Mdef)
    Dusk Custom Weapons obtainable by slaying bosses
    (+5-10% better than retail weapons)
    Olympiad retail only , max enchant +6

    ...::::::::::: AREAS DROP :::::::::::...
    There are 5 different party areas:Ol Mahum Checkpoint/Pagan Temple/Wasteland/Abandoned Camp/Fields of Sillence
    PVP AREAS changing every hour
    In order to have a fair gameplay we added donate coins drop at Champions/Bosses/Party Zone(5-20% drop rate)
    14 special Raid Bosses with great drops designed for best pvp/war experience!
    Erica Astral Spirit(respawn every 7h)
    Hestia Guardian,Ketra Hero Hekaton,Ketra Commander Tayr,Varka Hero Shadith,Varka Commander Mos,Varka Chief Horus,Flame Splendor Barakiel,Demon's Agent Falston,Einhalder von Hellman,Lilith,Anakim(respawn every 30-50 minutes)
  • Asch142Asch142 Newbie CommonPosts: 1

    - EXP/SP Rates are retail x1.
    - Drop/Spoil/Quest/Adena rates are retail x1.

    - Each new character gets NG gear.
    - Pre-installed shortcut panel for each new character.
    - Players have a x50 weight limit with 250 inventory slots. Private buy/sell shops have 12 slots.
    - Subclasses can be leveled up to 85.
    - Community buffs will last for 8 hours.
    - Unlimited boxes per IP.
    - Karma is increased for player killing and Karma will be harder to cleanse.
    - Menu with mass functions for convenience in bot farming. Use .bot to open.
    - Autoloot is disabled by default. Use .cfg/.menu to turn on if needed.
    - Spirit of Idle can be received in Oly, Raid Bosses, Voting, Events and little chance from high-level Chests.
    - The resale value of items to NPC shops is 30% of retail stats.
    - Gear up to Dynasty can be purchased with adena.
    - Shots up to S grade and consumables can be purchased from Community Store.
    - Added Billionaire Shop to eliminate the accumulation of tons of useless adena. The items in the Billionaire Shop are almost the same items as in the Pwnz or Spirit Shops. Use trading with players in the game, now it is useful to remember this.
    - Offline shops are possible, simply set-up shop and exit game.
    - The Auctioneer will have Vesper Armors and Vesper Weapons.
    - Retail P. Def, M. Def for Raid Bosses but P. Atk boosted x3. Also P. Def, M. Def will have same stats for each rb (M. Def = P. Def).
    - There are no restrictions on the drop from the Raid Boss with a difference of 5 levels. After 5 levels the chance decreases.
    - Magic cancel skills removed from all mobs and RBs.
    - Hellbound is level 11.
    - Custom NPC with teleports.
    - Luckpy Luckpy System has been turned on.
    - Treasure Chests: the drops have been restored to retail, drop chances are x1.
    - Blacksmith of Mammon and Merchant of Mammon are in Giran.
    - Dimensional Merchant features unlocked. Now you can use Neolithics to upgrade armors beginning with low S up to Vesper for masterwork.
    - Blood Oath and Blood Alliance tradeable.
    - Only HP/MP and Vit herbs drop from mobs.
    - Low S, Vesper Armor Sets can be equipped by cloak now.
    - New custom Epic Bosses, new custom Armor Sets, new custom Epic Jewelry.
    - Full list of chat commands in the Community Board.
  • ChungDuyChungDuy Newbie CommonPosts: 1
    Do you miss Lineage 2 ?? Missing Raidbossing with friends?? Missing the tense grinding, farming, and levelling up?

    Lets Relive the memories and Rewrite history

    Introducing Lineage 2 Essence – Dwelling Spirit, the third installment and the latest of all Lineage 2 version! That is not on the same series as of Lineage 2 Live and Lineage 2 Classic that already have multiple patches and episodes.

    As if learning and adapting to its predecessor also gameplay, Lineage 2 Essence is a re-work of all the Lineage 2 Live and Lineage 2 Classic with a easy and mobile-like gameplay. But it doesn’t make it unchallenging to explore and play, at Essence A Grade is still the highest.

    On Lineage 2 Essence, players will be given great free items to help exploring Aden world with ease. Levelling speed it is faster than Lineage 2 Predecessor also, with easy quest and autohunt feature.

    Astasoftlab is bringing back all those memories by presenting Lineage 2 Essence – Dwelling Spirit to ease all players adaption from old school Lineage 2 to Essence since it is one of the early patches of Essence

    1.Download Game Launcher from Astasoftlab Website
    2.Run Launcher Astasoftgames
    3.Launcher will Automatically Download the Game
    4.When Download done then press Play Button
    5.Welcome to Lineage 2 Essence – Dwelling Spirit

    Signing up an Account are easy on the Game Launcher!
    Fill all the form and Verify your email

    Game Tutorial and Tips you can search on :
    Youtube: Astasoftlab Youtube
    Forum: Astasoftlab Forum

    You wont regret on getting back on Lineage 2 World again! With all the new and easy feature for all players! Easy PVP and PVE
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