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Finally !

SnikesSnikes Member UncommonPosts: 76
Rewarding exploration of space, utilizing new system scanning and the new seamless view (see above), enabling you to discover escalating paths. This is a prerequisite for Next-Gen R&D, which will be used for gathering a plethora of R&D items.
Next-gen Research & Development
We're opening up this aspect of EVE with Reverse Engineering and Invention, enabling you to create Tech II blueprint copies by gathering knowledge and technology through various means, such as exploration.
Ship Upgrades & Salvaging of Shipwrecks
This instantly creates content throughout the whole EVE universe. By making all destroyed ships - player and NPC alike - drop new ingredients, which are salvageable with the right profession skills and tools, we create a massive market for ingredients and ship upgrades, which the average EVE player can now utilize to further upgrade his own ship.

Finally CCP is focusing on something else than PvP battles !! Exploration, Reverse Engineering and ship upgrades. I thought it would never happen.


  • roodbwoyroodbwoy Member Posts: 120

      that's great for the people who love to drive business...!

    I'll just stick to the pirating business

    Playing EVE Online

    (PM me for the EVE 21-day trial program)

  • PegasusJFPegasusJF Member Posts: 268

    Most intriguing, definitely something worth doing.

  • free2playfree2play Member UncommonPosts: 2,040

    Looks smart.

    Maybe Ioci Exploration won't just be in name only..

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