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Just random thought

k61977k61977 Member EpicPosts: 1,505
As I find myself not coming to the site as much as I used to, I have started to think back about many of the names of people that used to post a lot and which ones I no longer see or can't remember at this point. 

I actually find myself missing post from DMKano as an example.  I am pretty sure he worked for or did work for Trion at one point.  He always had insider info on things that were happening in the gaming industry before a lot of others.  It's been two year in particular for him but the fact that I still remember his handle says a lot. 

All an all it is interesting the things you start noticing and when you start to notice people are missing even in gaming forums.


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  • Oliver_PetersOliver_Peters Newbie CommonPosts: 2
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  • Homephixco00Homephixco00 Newbie CommonPosts: 6
    Sociology essay bit was fantastic. Thanks for sharing it.  :)
  • jamesroot51jamesroot51 Newbie CommonPosts: 1
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  • hararryhararry Newbie CommonPosts: 1
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  • MiniscusMiniscus Newbie CommonPosts: 1
    edited December 2022
    Harry said:
    Recently a friend of mine won a very large amount of money in an online game on Source a site and I was wondering why some people are lucky and some are not
    Lucky people ...

    They work hard and quietly.
    According this Source , that say  to should be, they do not show off, do not raise toasts, do not throw parties. It's true. They work tirelessly to improve their craft. They do not tweet or Facebook about it. The lucky ones get to work.
    Surround themselves with people who lift their spirits, who will not undermine them.
    Without having to worry that unfavorable people will slow you down, life is hard enough as it is.
    Sow uplifting thoughts in their heads every day.
    We all have strange thoughts from time to time when we first wake up.
    Some people go through the limitations that their mind imposes on them in the morning by consciously choosing the appropriate words and actions. They follow certain rituals: morning jogging, mindfulness practice, prayer or a cup of coffee during
    Fight the tendency to overthink every day. You are not alone. We all ponder potential solutions. It can be a daily struggle. Is it a genetic trait?
    Maybe it is. But I have found that some people, especially those who are happier, choose to rein in their overthinking.
    They have a clear purpose. People who are lucky have a clear purpose. Either to make a better life for their children than they had when they were young, or to start their own business effectively. Happy people have a magnet that pulls them towards their goal, no matter what the cause is.
    Admit imperfections. They do not say that now is not the best moment. However, they are saying that "right now, right now, is always a fantastic moment". They realize that the perfect moment is never realized.
    thank you for your post, it's give more information than 2 hourse google searching)
  • spectralaspectrala Member UncommonPosts: 97
    It's interesting to remember those who used to be active on forums but have moved on. DMKano's absence has been noticed and it shows how much of an impact he had. Let's cherish the memories and keep the conversations going.
  • Sheri678Sheri678 Newbie CommonPosts: 3

    It's fascinating how online communities can become a part of our lives, and it's natural to reminisce about the members who made significant contributions. DMKano indeed had a knack for sharing insider insights about the gaming industry. The impact of their posts remains memorable even after two years.

    Speaking of interests, it's not just gaming that leaves a mark. For those who enjoy golf, finding the perfect golf mats for putting can also be a quest in itself, enhancing the experience on the greens. It's these little details that make our online journeys and hobbies so enriching.

  • kheprickhepric Newbie CommonPosts: 1
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