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Tekken 8 awesome trailer

DragnelusDragnelus Member EpicPosts: 3,503

"Building on TEKKEN’s 25-year history as an innovator in the fighting game genre, TEKKEN 8 marks the next major chapter in this legendary franchise,” said Yoshi Niki, CEO, Bandai Namco Entertainment America Inc. “TEKKEN 8 is a leap forward for the series, built from the ground up for next-gen platforms to give new and returning fans the most engaging experience ever set in the TEKKEN universe.”

Watch the Reveal Trailer!

Also released today, check out the TEKKEN 8 announcement trailer below:

BLNX[Deleted User]


  • BLNXBLNX Member UncommonPosts: 275
    I didn't start playing Tekken until 7, and I regret that now. I clocked a lot of hours playing Tekken the last year and change.
    [Deleted User]
    In the King's Court, I choose to be the Jester.
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  • WalkinGlennWalkinGlenn Member RarePosts: 451
    Remali said:
    Tekken tag was the best 
    I spend countless hours playing with friends

    Best one imho. I started disliking Tekken when they added "walls".

    My brothers and I went thru many worn out controllers from constant battles between us and the other neighborhood kids
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