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Fractured Online Enters Early Access On September 15th; Server Wipe Coming |

SystemSystem Member UncommonPosts: 12,599
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imageFractured Online Enters Early Access On September 15th; Server Wipe Coming |

Fractured Online is hitting Early Access next month, bringing the upcoming MMO into its next phase of development. With its September 15th launch into Early Access brings with it a server wipe, though, and the devs have also confirmed that there will be another when it officially launches out of Early Access as well.

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  • GreatswordGreatsword Member RarePosts: 369
    I was super interested in this game a few years ago. But after they sold out to Gamigo I lost all interest.
    Also the game seemed to be at least another 3-5 years from being ready for release. Surprised/no-surprised they are pushing it out of the door that fast, all of a sudden.
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  • jason523jason523 Member UncommonPosts: 96
    The game is too bland right out the gate. They need to give people the ability to differentiate themselves. Everyone looks exactly the same with no ability to change up their clothes and look. Might seem like a trivial thing but it does go a long way psychologically.
  • GrindcoreTHRALLGrindcoreTHRALL Member UncommonPosts: 304
    I will remain open minded about the game until I see serious problems with pay 2 win and premium cash shop items. I love isometric games and there is not many good Isometric MMOs with PvP besides like albion but thats a mobile game...
  • kitaradkitarad Member LegendaryPosts: 7,993
    This Gamigo thing worries me but I was interested in this game. I was going to stay on the PvE continent. Still going to try it for sure.

  • RandomCasualtyRandomCasualty Member UncommonPosts: 327
    Cool, haven't been able to log in since Glyph. Just goes to a black screen, so nothing to lose here.
  • SarlaSarla Member UncommonPosts: 329
    Wait, WTF, Enters Early Access? Its been in early access, even sold packages for people to be in early access.

    This is the one of the most shit money grabbing companies ever I swear.
  • abelsgmxabelsgmx Member UncommonPosts: 9
    So, if another Server Wipe is comming this release is not an Early Access, is just an open beta. Eary Acces is an almost done game realease and don't wipe servers.
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