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PC NA Looking for a friendly guild for ESO

darnapkindarnapkin Member UncommonPosts: 146
just downloaded the game, I played in beta years ago, heard the game was much better. I am looking for a guild that is very active, fun, and feels like a family. I'm 34, been playing mmo's since 2001 when DAoC came out. I'm just trying to find a home of witty smart alecks, that enjoy having a good time and helping their fellow gamer out. So if this is a good fit for your guild, please let me know!  


    We have some openings in Dunedain, trading guild.
  • GreatDNationGreatDNation Newbie CommonPosts: 1
    Absolutely check out shadow roamers, we’d be glad to have you! Social group, currently working on securing a trader. We strive for a fun environment with members that interact and play together and hep each other with what ever the need from new to vet level activities, with an active discord and groups that play everyday!

    Guild Name: ShadowRoamers 

    ESO ID: VoltageAssassin  


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