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Interested in Everquest....

eggbert20eggbert20 Member Posts: 11
I'm an avid EQII player. I've been interested in learning more about the history and lore of Norrath. I've thought about picking up the original Everquest, seeing as how I've never played it. My question to you all is this-Is it worth it? Would it be a complete waste to roll up a new character since it's been out so long? Are the servers still populated? Thanks in advance


  • qotsaqotsa Member UncommonPosts: 835
    It still fun to me. I played the first four years and quit. Right now server populations are a little low. But there are new people still playing. Some of the old timers are returning to, as they are making the progression server in June. Which basically starts with the original game and each expansion gets unlocked after the triggers are hit. This will be a condensed version of EQ one. I just picked up EQ and the first 10 expansions for 20 bucks at Wal-Mart. If you're thinking about it, now is probably the time to do it. The new server should have quite a few new people playing. That starts in June supposedly. Get it now and learn the game a little maybe.

  • Thunder-Thunder- Member Posts: 165
    i would reccomend that if your still enjoying eq2, then sign up for the all station access pass or what ever its called. it lets you play eq2, matrix online, everquest, star wars galaxies, planetside, and some others i think. it only costs $20 a month but in my opinion its way worth it.
  • ChaosKinChaosKin Member Posts: 50

    It is still fun, a bit more ability to customize your character (since you actually get to buy your spells instead of them being "learned" automatically upon leveling.)  It still has a healthy population ( I still log in and play with my friends) and I too play EQII.

    I recommend you get the Station Pass... They have announced that you will have access to Vanguard when it comes out.. Hooyah.   Hope this helped you out a bit.  Good Luck and good gaming.  Cheers!

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  • AnofalyeAnofalye Member, Newbie CommonPosts: 7,433

    Why not UO or some MUDS?  I think the Amish community are pro-EQ and moving in!    The PS3 is coming out soon, EQ is the old PS, while EQ2 is the PS2.  Really, would you buy a PS today?  I mean, maybe but...would you?

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  • qotsaqotsa Member UncommonPosts: 835
    Me personally...I wouldn't buy any playstation 1-3, hehe. Never liked the PS. Sure EQ is old, but I am having fun playing. I quit for about three years. But going back into it I realize there is nothing like it. All these newer games seem so easy and mindless and anti-social. People still talk and group and have fun in EQ from what I've seen. This makes it better than most games for me. graphics are an after thought for me. Which to be honest a lot of the graphics have changed in EQ. Freeport, North and south Ro, Nek forest and I'm sure others have all been updated and don't even look the same.

  • Database82Database82 Member Posts: 179
    Is EQ still a pain in the ass grind with massive exp debt? lol 

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  • neschrianeschria Member UncommonPosts: 1,406

    Yes and no. Leveling is easier/faster on regular servers than it used to be. There's the tutorial to 10, then Kurns or PC, then hit the hot spots. It all goes pretty fast. And there are all kinds of missions and the like at the high end that yield decent exp and items for the time you spend, which doesn't feel so much like grinding. Since you can summon your corpse to guild lobby and almost always get a 96% rez, the death penalty is pretty much moot at this point. But it's still EQ.

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  • JorevJorev Member Posts: 1,500
    EQ1 has more life than EQ2, the newly released MMOG chart shows a significant difference in subscriber numbers.

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  • timelordstimelords Member Posts: 3
    i have run into quite a few new players in eq and i do my best to help when they ask though i have been playing for 3 years i'm usually not the best to ask for help
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