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What are your unpopular fantasy/sci-fi opinions?



  • KnightFalzKnightFalz Member EpicPosts: 4,311
    Brainy said:
    Ungood said:
    Brainy said:
    Ungood said:
    I distinctly clarified for non-insectoid species, and you come in and mention insects.

    Now, I distinctly said Non-Insectoid, because Insects and other exoskeleton life forms, crustaceans for example, are different than other mammals because of how their limbs work, they do not need as much energy to power their limbs that a mammal would use, this is why they can start at around 6 and go up, and their number of limbs is not indicative of their combat prowess.

    But if it makes you feel any better, some centipedes are total badass.
    Squid then? Octopus? Tardigrades? what are you even going on about.   I think your point is ridiculous.
    LOL, really reaching there aren't we? Anything to try and fight the point after that total blundering about insects, like trying to brush the mud off after falling on your ass, and then calling people stupid face, to try and make yourself feel better, Let me make this clear, you are not saving face with this direction.

    But, just to coddle you a little bit, and It seems to Need to hold your hand here, it should stand to reason for anyone, that for something to be Apex, they also need some size to back that up, ergo, Apex Predator Dragons are not the size of house cats, in a sense of irony dragons that size are often pets.

    I mean, I shouldn't need to say this, but, if it depends on it's natural ability to be apex, size and physical prowess, play a role in not being prey, unless they have other means, like Technology to back them up.

    I mean, anyone could tell you, Physically, Humans are not Apex predators, we are shit when you think about it, I mean, in reality a 50 pound cat would fuck up a 200 pound human to the point they would not live through the fight, even of they won the fight, which they damn well might not, so Humans depend heavy on technology/tools to make us competitive with the natural world around us, I mean, hell we have no natural weapons, no claws, no fangs, nothing, and to top that all off, we are not even that strong.

    But these are all things I should not need to explain, after all, I am not here to carry you from elementary school to grade school, talking about mythical evolution, or real evolution for that matter.

    Now, I would have thought that would have been just common knowledge, but here you are talking about a micro life form like a Water Bear.

    Well, I'm not one to dis to the Tardigrades, for a micro organism they are pretty badass, for a herbivore, they can live through pretty much anything, making them apex survivalists, so mad props to them for that, and the few that are predatory, kill and eat their own kind, so they brutal scary cannibalistic level badasses.

    Gonna admit, if I was ever shrunk to that size, I would not want to have to face off against a water bear, because for their size, they are not something anyone would want to fuck with. 

    Lets go to Squids/Octopi that's a good one, I hear they are very smart, but they lack size and strength, so for them to really go apex, they, like humans, would need tools  and technology, which means, they would need to get out of the water first, as technology and water don't mix well, but the idea that Squids are smart and could get to that point, is a common theme in a lot of sci-fi and fantasy works, as it does explain all the "Squid Faces" that we see, with a lot of them preying upon humans. Fitting, don't you think?

    Anyway, since it's not my theory, you are free to get butthurt over it, means nothing to me, and if you want to fuss and muss about it.. Oh well.

    So far, you have not been really making a good show of yourself, I'd say quit while you are behind, but I am sure if I said that, that would just enrage you to try harder to spite fight me on something, that is again, not even my theory.

    You are just blathering on an on.  Real deal is that dragons are just cool which is why they are in fantasy stories.  Nothing to do with adding limbs due to evolution.  I am sure whoever was coming up with fantasy dragons in ancient china or wherever they where made up from, wasn't thinking evolution.  You are just talking nonsense straight up.  I suppose next you going to say the dread locks in the movie predator follows your plan.

    You ever thought that wings, long claws, fire breath, long sharp teeth, bludgeoning tails, intelligence and hard scales were added to dragons to make them more awesome?  You really think these authors are talking evolution geez. 

    Go ahead with your little fantasy of trying to connect why people make cool apex monsters to some added limbs theory of evolution LOL.  Meanwhile the real apex predators Humans and Orca will be eating all those multi limb super evolved non-insects you talking about.

    As the theory of evolution wasn't a thing in ancient China they obviously weren't thinking about it when envisioning dragons. A writer today very well may, especially if they want to ground their invented creature somewhat in reality as we understand it.

    As such, the contrived creatures of today may or not be connected in some way to the theory of evolution. The only way to really know for certain is if the author specifies.
  • anothernameanothername Member UncommonPosts: 200
    (•_• )

    ( •_•)

    Red Sonja armor is the best armor.

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  • eoloeeoloe Member RarePosts: 864
    True warriors do not wear armor.

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  • AkulasAkulas Member RarePosts: 3,017
    Undead isn't a race
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  • BLNXBLNX Member UncommonPosts: 275
    Akulas said:
    Undead isn't a race
    It certainly is one hell of a lifestyle choice
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  • The_KorriganThe_Korrigan Member RarePosts: 3,460
    Jensyn said:
    Make them blind where they can only see by smelling their prey!

    Atramedes, also known as Experiment 25463-D, was a black whelp experimented on by Maloriak to be granted "sight beyond sight." This experiment failed, however, and caused Atramedes to become blind. Rather than disposing of him, Nefarian decided to make further use of the blind whelp.

    Sound Important — Atramedes is blind and hunts based on sound. Players begin the battle with 0 Sound and gain Sound when taking damage. Atramedes channels Devastation on targets with 100 Sound and quickly kills them.Using an Ancient Dwarven Shield resets the Sound on all players.

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  • MMOman101MMOman101 Member UncommonPosts: 1,787
    MMOman101 said:
    I have never seen the Orville but deep space 9 is the best Star Trek. 
    Deep Space Nine is Babylon 5 with far better budget, but much worse storytelling.

    Unlike any other Star Trek show, you cannot cherry pick episodes in DS9, because it has a continous story. Which means you are forced to watch every single episode, and theres plenty which are meh.

    There are plenty episodes which are meh on the other Star Trek shows, too, but you can avoid those, easy, because these shows have no continous story and you can cherrypick episodes.

    B5 is much more rewarding to watch than DS9. Sure, it starts kind of weak. But then it gets better and better. You can watch season 5 of B5 and they reference events of season 1 that at the time looked irrelevant. And its a much better story overall, too.

    Thats why I only managed to suffer through DS9 once while I've watched B5 around half a douzen times or so at this point. And keep rewatching other Star Trek, though not from start to end.

    I will have to give you that DS9 had a lot of potential. For example there are some really strong characters in it. Odo, Quark, Garak are all good fun whenever they appear. I also really liked Sisco, and Ezri Dax. There are also many bores though, especially Dr. Bashir and Jadzira Dax, but also O'Brien a bit, and quite ironically Worf was very dull on DS9. And plenty of villains have been quite dull, too, just plain dislikeable and not much else.

    The Orville is fun. But its just traditional Star Trek style. If they keep the quality on this level for another five seasons I would have to agree it rivals TNG. Its quite a bit more silly in tone though.

    Discovery, after suffering through the agony of the first two seasons I have now completely stopped caring that even exists. I dont think I have much of a talent for storywriting but even I could easily write something better. And so does probably everyone reading this.

    I prefer TOS and DS9 to TNG.
    TOS without question has some of the most important and most epic episodes of all Star Trek.

    Also TOS is the only Star Trek show which exclusively has excellent actors in all leading parts.

    It only has three seasons though and the second and third season arent that great.

    DS9 has about half stand alone stories. I am rewatching it now and just finished season 3. It is a much more gritty Star Trek. I tried watching Babylon 5 a long time ago and the acting was laughable in the episode I tried. May have been a one off, but I never went back to see.

    There are some real clunkers in DS9, but all of the series of Star Trek have episodes that are just horrible.

    For me DS9 holds the most relevance even today with the topics they covered and their highs were about as good as it gets.

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  • ArglebargleArglebargle Member EpicPosts: 3,418
    Babylon 5 had a very specific good period for me (and it was not the beginning season).  Year and a half, maybe two years total.   Went Bad-Good-SharkJump, imo.  
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  • AdamantineAdamantine Member RarePosts: 5,085
    Why yes B5 starts kind of weak.

    And sure theres problems with it.

    Actors who didnt want to be team players and thus their characters kind of vanish without explanation, their story arcs ever unresolved.

    Or the showmakers getting told there will be no season 5 and thus packing season 4 with all the rest of the story, only to be told there will be a season 5 as well.

    I dont mind though. Its still a great show.

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