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DC Universe Online Takes Action on Exploiters After Fixing 'Obscure and Challenging' Bug |

SystemSystem Member UncommonPosts: 10,084
edited December 2021 in News & Features Discussion

imageDC Universe Online Takes Action on Exploiters After Fixing 'Obscure and Challenging' Bug |

DC Universe Online is still working through the effects after patching a significant bug and resulting exploit, suspending over 800 accounts and promising additional investigation and likely bans to come.

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  • GoulikGoulik Newbie CommonPosts: 1
    Glitch that had been discovered since the test server of the game, but the developers decided to release the DLC in its state, with many bugs and glitches. For about 2 years, the DLC released by daybreak are in a catastrophic summer.

    The artifact uprgade system in DC Universe Online is extremely obnoxious, compared to anything seen in other games of the same genre. Once you reach a rank and have all the elements to reach the next rank, you have more chance to fail than to succeed in this task, plus you have to (or had to) buy an element with real money to ensure the rank upgrade to 100%, it's no wonder that many players tried to finish it using this glitch.

    Definitely the worst studio for this kind of experience when I think that there was such a big noise for the loot boxes of Overwatch and Star wars battlefront 2, but here it is even worse than that...

    The loots boxes made in daybreak are even worse, there are skill points to earn with the help of spending real money, all with the obnoxious loot box system that we all know...
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