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Gate to Heavens: Mytatrea [PvE | PvP | 3 x Rate]

Welcome to Gate to Heavens Mytatrea!

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Sample of what it looks like for those new:


Bringing back the game for users who used to play back in the day, if you are new - this is an old Korean MMORPG called “Gate to Heavens.”

We have slow updates for this game, but it is stable. Both the server and your account will remain here forever. All progression will be kept, and the server will be kept running 24/7. 

For those new, this is a child-hood game that we fell in love with. It’s grindy, has PvP on mid to high level maps, bosses, and ultimately a hardcore MMORPG. 


- Free to play
- Server will be on 24/7, server will have NO future updates at this time
- Server will NOT be going anywhere as this “tower” is dedicated to GTH:M only
- More features then vanilla GTH, such as repeatable quests, easier leveling, 50% off RA/SA charges till 30
- Cultivation, Apothecary, etc. 
- This game is also ~20 years old, don’t expect groundbreaking features

Abyss 3 & 4 Boss 

Tag: 천상의문


  • Dave8999Dave8999 Newbie CommonPosts: 1
    ❤️ Server Announcement ❤️


    We are happy to announce that the Server will be Launching at 18th September. I will release some info regarding the server. There is no level cap (max level is 125), however the furthest map you can go is Breine at the moment so that those from different timezone that have difficulties getting a party will be able to catch up and the main reason is we don't want it to be a heavy grinding server, get to 80+ and chill/relax/farm/PK/upgrade gears/event. There will be Mirror Quest up to Mystic Lake. EXP Rates will be X5 After much discussion , the Team have decided to release an item (Gem) that will be able to convert to 20RP if you use it. We will be selling it with Naks. The reason we do this is to encourage F2P players. We still accept Donations in exchange with RP to support the server. Every donation we received is 100% for the server maintenance and upgrades.

    We hope the GTH community can enjoy this server together and bring back memories. We also like to Thank those who participate in the Test and those who support us. This is why GTH have a great passionate community.
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