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Only have a 60hz monitor... Should I cap my game's framerate to 60 fps?

FuryVFuryV Member UncommonPosts: 506
I'm in the process of setting up New World's graphics settings, and notice that the game has an fps cap option.  I only have a 60hz monitor unfortunately, so would it be right to cap my fps to 60?  I don't really understand it too well, but from what I've been told a 60hz monitor can only show up to 60 fps, so I'm guessing it would be pointless leaving my fps cap on 'unlimited'?

Unless of course there's a reason why I shouldn't cap it.



  • CleffyCleffy Member RarePosts: 6,401
    I would cap it and turn on VSync.
    The monitor takes whatever is in it's buffer and displays it during refresh. If that frame is not ready yet, it displays the last frame. Sometimes a frame arrives just after refresh and this creates a micro stutter.
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