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Best place to buy your computer

kayser76kayser76 Member UncommonPosts: 3
Hello, i have been looking for different online stores to buy my new Gaming pc... but I don't see any big difference between the different sites. Although Amazon is a good place for the guarantee, the prices are a little high instead other stores... and to much e-commerce are afiliates from Amazon, places like vgaming that is a gaming e-commerce.

Could you recommend me a place where i could buy my new gaming pc and headset? And...
what do you think it is the most important to look for in my new setup:

- Micro
- Mother board

or do you think that there are another components more relevant and important that those?
I hope hearing from you guys!!!

Necesito el SETUP perfecto para mi próximo PC Gaming, puedes ayudarme en este enlace. Escribe tu setup factible perfecto o lo mejor posible para mi presupuesto para tener el mejor pc gaming! 


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