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Founder’s Pack Content Showcase

TillerTiller Member LegendaryPosts: 10,262
edited July 2021 in Lost Ark
Well looks like it's up today. Sounds like they added a Bronze Founder’s Pack. Not sure I like the Platinum mount tbh, but that wallpaper, man that is nice.

Plus someone stated they pulled this leak from an ad.

Just want to clarify that the Lost Ark Beta will not be starting on that date. Unfortunately, these ads were place holder assets that were not intended for public use. We have not yet formally announced our Beta dates yet, but rest assured that we are looking forward to it just as much as all of you. The details for our Beta will be announced on our official channels, so stay tuned to the Lost Ark channels for the latest updates.

Plus Sywo's opinion on the founders pack items.

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  • TokkenTokken Member EpicPosts: 3,223
    okay. some good stuff in there!

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