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Not an MMO

TE5LATE5LA Member UncommonPosts: 46
WoT is not an MMO. I really wish there was an actual tank MMO. There isn't any. There used to be one but it didn't last very long. I'd love to see one.

Nope, not an MMO, even if they had been able to pull off the 64-player battles that they originally touted. I was a beta tester.


  • TE5LATE5LA Member UncommonPosts: 46
    It really isn't the "first of its kind" either as it uses a system nearly identical to the much older game Battlefield 1942:

    * WW2 vehicles

    * 3rd-person view and 1st-person sniping

    * similar control mechanics

    * team based multiplayer

    BF1942 actually went much farther, allowing multiple players controlling a singular vehicle, as well as air and sea combat.
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