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ChrislesChrisles Member Posts: 24

I stopped playing EQ 7/03.  It was mainly from all the NEWBIE twinks.  I've twinked out my own players before but I also knew what the classes did in groups.  The final strew that broke my back was grouping in DL with some level 40 something pally that didn't stun or taunt because he didn't know how.


I love EQ and played it for about 2 years before stopping.  Now I've been searching high and low for aanother good MMORPG.  I've played several and been disappointed by all.  SWG, Ragnarok, FFXI, Anarchy Online, and Earth and Beyond.


Here is what I'm looking for in a MMORPG.  Customizable UI with customizable hotkeys (like press Z for hotkey 1).  A good defensive non-healer class (like shammy or enchanter).  And a good grouping system (SWG was the worst game for this).


  • SerienSerien Member CommonPosts: 8,460


    eq2!'s true though

    since EVERYONE will be a newbie at the beginning, it won't matter

    just make sure u get it within a year of release so you can catch up with the other people in the game


  • ChrislesChrisles Member Posts: 24
    I'm going to pre-order the day that I can.... but for now I would something that holds my interest.

  • SerienSerien Member CommonPosts: 8,460

    maybe ffxi..but i doubt it has those features

    well..ima just try and hang in there till eqii


  • Kel2Kel2 Member Posts: 16

    Originally posted by Chrisles

    (SWG was the worst game for this).

    OMG STFU plz! SWG r0x0rz!!
  • ChrislesChrisles Member Posts: 24
    I didn't see a ton of people grouping, looking for a group.  Also the grouping syntax was out of wack considering that everyone could be everything.... everyone could heal, camp, shoot, melee.  So where is the grouping?  As far as I have seen the game doesn't have a grouping system so I just quit.... I love to group and have a purpose in a group.  I don't like being left in the dark, and not know what to do in a group.  If you love to solo and play alone go buy another SW game for a flat $50 with no monthly fees.

  • Kel2Kel2 Member Posts: 16


  • SquareSquare Member Posts: 254
    ...what the hell are you talking about?

    Screw ENIX

    It's hip to be square.

  • RichterRichter Member Posts: 16

    If you are so much into grouping it really surpirses me you don't like AO.
    AO has one of the better class distinctions and the power of a group in AO really comes down to the optimal mix of classes/skills.

    I'm doubting the fact you tried AO long enough to notice that.

    ..and something else:
    If you played one specific MMOG for so long, it is sometimes good to play something compeltely different for a while to 'clean your mind'.
    Otherwise you might turn down any game just because you're so used to EQ and it's interface.
    Just a tip.


  • ChrislesChrisles Member Posts: 24

    I played AO for about 1 month.  The game itself didn't bother me.  It was the lag that bothered me.  I played over a year ago and a friend of mine said the game was very laggy at the time with everyone.  I'm sure that it's a wonderful game.

    Also even though I did play EQ for a long period of time I'm still open to new UIs and whatnot.  I'm playing FFXI right now and I don't even use the mouse or anything.  That's the least of my concerns.

    Also I liked your idea for playing a compeltely different game.  I played Morrowind and Neverwinter Nights (just cause you can play them not online), and loved it for awhile.

    I think that I'm sticking with FFXI for awhile till EQ 2 comes out.  Thank you for your advice.

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