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PlayStation And Discord Announce A Partnership After Sony Acquires Minority Interest |

SystemSystem Member UncommonPosts: 7,110

imagePlayStation And Discord Announce A Partnership After Sony Acquires Minority Interest |

PlayStation annoucned today that it purchased a minority stake in voice-chat service, Discord. The announcement talks about Sony's plans to "bring the Discord and PlayStation experiences closer together."

Read the full story here


  • rojoArcueidrojoArcueid Member EpicPosts: 10,561
    edited May 3
    People have been asking for a discord app on PS4 since the beginning of last gen. IF this partership makes it possible for them to release discord on PS5 then that's good. I'd finally be able to stream/screen share with my pc friends on discord when we binge play horror games sharing the screen on discord in real time to avoid dealing with Twitch's delay.

  • CuddleheartCuddleheart Member UncommonPosts: 341
    Pretty big power move by Sony and Discord. Some egg on the face of Microsoft. Totally didn't see this coming.
  • RexKushmanRexKushman Member RarePosts: 621
    Excellent move by Sony, people have been wanting a service like this on PS for a long time.

  • halfmystichalfmystic Member RarePosts: 316
    I personally don't like that Sony is encroaching on everything like this - mostly because of their push to make new games cost more.

    Weirdly, everyone seems to be okay with paying 70 bucks for a new game now. Why? No clue - but I rarely see anything about it.
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