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Mortal Kombat 2021

AsheramAsheram Member EpicPosts: 5,062
edited February 2021 in Off-Topic Discussion

Seems they are replacing Johnny Cage, lame. :(


  • william33william33 Newbie CommonPosts: 1
    I first saw the trailer about ten days back and it looked pretty good. Hopefully the movie will be as good as the trailer :)
  • kevlevronekevlevrone Newbie CommonPosts: 1
    Hi, I am looking forward to see this movie because I am a big fan of Mortal Kombat.
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  • OscarBrowneOscarBrowne Newbie CommonPosts: 11
    can't wait for movie  :p :)
  • Mark_8312Mark_8312 Newbie CommonPosts: 1
    edited April 2021
    I definitely enjoy every little bit of it and I have you bookmarked to check out new stuff of your blog a must read blog!

  • GibsonFosterGibsonFoster Newbie CommonPosts: 1
    Guys, who is currently following the world standings of pro players in MK 11?
  • cameltosiscameltosis Member EpicPosts: 3,314
    Asheram said:

    I watched this last night.

    The film is about what you'd expect. Parts are better than the original, other parts are worse.

    A lack of Johnny Cage didn't really bother me as the guy from the first film was a bit annoying, but if they ever make a sequel, Cage will definitely be in it.
  • AsheramAsheram Member EpicPosts: 5,062
    Yeah I watched it, didnt care for it much. The 1995 movie and the youtube series MK Legends was better imo.
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