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In-Game MMO Events Still Do Not Interest Me Like I Wish They Would |



  • DarkswormDarksworm Member RarePosts: 1,071
    I've never been interested in these events. Seems like they're made for mentally unstable people who like to pretend to be video game characters. I'm too grounded in reality for that 'ish.
  • cheyanecheyane Member LegendaryPosts: 8,653
    I enjoy events it is fun to run around in and do them. It livens up the game for me.
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  • Po_ggPo_gg Member EpicPosts: 5,749
    edited April 2021
    Are you in the minority? Hard to tell, I'm the opposite (love events, love to play alts too) and I often feel that's the minority, considering how large is the playerbase's part which full-on ignores events...

    Still, I can relate to the feeling. Events used to be fun, a distraction from the daily routine, and for many years I even organised my game-hopping around them since I really love these festivities.

    Then a shift started to appear, somewhere around the early and mid-2010s, events started to turn into grindy, cash-shop infused things instead of the usual leisure side-stuff to do in the game for fun.
    I still enjoy them, don't get me wrong, just I feel more often that the spirit of it has lost, or at least faded...

    That said, the LotRO anniversary is fun, and the new set of cosmetics look great. The steed, not so much - but of course I never was a fan of blanket horses.

    And I agree there should be more "new" stuff to do, to keep things fresh. The wedding was awesome (even if got a bit too grindy toward the end), just like the sunflower story addition to the spring festival, or the Boffin additions to Halloween in '18 and '19.
    Or remember when they've rearranged the Hedge Maze to a new layout? :)
  • toxicmangotoxicmango Member UncommonPosts: 119
    edited April 2021
    Darksworm said:
    I've never been interested in these events. Seems like they're made for mentally unstable people who like to pretend to be video game characters. I'm too grounded in reality for that 'ish.

    You do know they are called ROLE playing games for a reason? Unless you are playing as someone sitting in front of a computer, you are playing a role in the game. Do you not pick other fantasy race options in fantasy games because you think picking nonexistent elves makes you mentally unstable?  Or would you call actors in a stageplay unstable for pretending to be other people that may be fictional or long dead?

    Do you ever read fiction?  Or would you consider it mentally unstable to read about things that aren't true?  

    It is perfectly possible to immerse onself in a role or character, while still retaining perfect knowledge of what is real or not. It's called imaginative play. Children do it all the time, and it's a psychologically healthy thing to do.
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  • koldmiserkoldmiser Member RarePosts: 331
    City of Heroes had some really fun Dev run events in the early days.

    My main issues with MMO events now they are too grindy and they are too complicated with little explanation. I shouldn't have to look up a step-by-step guide for an in game event.
  • SenbonFanSenbonFan Member UncommonPosts: 36
    I think Rift is one of the only games where I ever really did the Holiday Events, since while they were "timed" to our Real-World Holidays, the actual in-game versions were very much unique to the world itself.

    They also weren't just "Run around town" events, often times there were special rifts/rift rewards or reasons to go outside and do Fishing, such as the Po Boys recipe from Fae Yule.

    If I remember right, one of the holiday events was also specific to an expansion area and really did feel more in-universe than not.
  • cheyanecheyane Member LegendaryPosts: 8,653
    Recently when I restarted Everquest 2 I managed to do their April Fool's event. It's called Bristlebane day. All about pranksters and jokes. There are harvestable plants Jester's Garden that can give you really odd items you can use and craft items from recipes you buy from the Bristlebane vendor and a whole quest chain you can do ending in a small dungeon with joke shinies in it. There are also overland mobs you kill to get coins fool's gold to spend on household items or outfits.

    I enjoyed doing them and it was fun. That's basically just that some added fun. I feel they add to the game especially when they theme it to something that already exist like this Hobbit Fizzlethorpe Bristlebane. There's even a painting of him you can get from the event. All in good fun.
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  • HorusraHorusra Member EpicPosts: 4,411
    Only ones that interest me are the ones with useful or interesting items attached to them that are permanent.  Always like WoW Halloween event for the items to boost alts.  Things like that.
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