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CD Projekt Red Remains Committed to Cyberpunk 2077 |



  • AethaerynAethaeryn Member RarePosts: 3,149

    Wizardry said:

    I didn't shun Cyber because of bugs ,i did so because it offers NOTHING new,nothing i would even call fun.

    It offers the same old but with a fancier skin and lighting.

    I need a game and imo if your going to sell or try to sell me a NEW game,it had better be NEW and not a direct copy cat of GTA of which we have already had several of those as well a few Cyberpunk games in the franchise.

    QUIT the LAZY rehashed game designs,be creative and give us stuff that is fun and NEVER linear.

    For me to EVER enjoy a game that resembles a RPG,a living person, i NEED to have real life like content like survival games have.If your game is going to make a store i NEED to enter that store and not just look at a 2D texture slapped on to surfaces.

    So in other words ,CDPRojeckt spent a lot of time and money doing MOST of the things IDC about.So imo they did NOT deliver a game or the WORLD or the interaction i need to see to bring my character to life.

    This was my concern. I had the urge to pre-order and dind't. . then it was 20% off. . I still didn't. I don't mind using my imagination in a great game world to fill in the blanks but it just seemed bland on actual playthroughs. Thanks goodness for YouTube and Twitch in this case.

    Wa min God! Se æx on min heafod is!

  • TwistedSister77TwistedSister77 Member RarePosts: 839
    They really have no choice, it's not like Witcher 4 is going to jump out of the oven.

    Besides if they fix the game, sell some cool DLCs, they can recover a bit.

    Some investors were hoping for a future great online  cash cow, like GTA online... that evaporated.  
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