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Raph Koster Talks Player Cynicism, Retention And Thinking Long-term In New Blog Post |



  • kilunkilun Member UncommonPosts: 815

    Scot said:

    kilun said:

    DeadGenre said:

    I have some cynicism... This guy hasn't had a successful game project in going on 20 years, I don't see how anything he says is really relevant these days. Maybe people will stop paying attention to him when Crowfall flops.

    Huh? He has mentioned that his is a consultant on Crowfall nothing more, nothing less.

    Raph, the biggest issue with trust can be totally wiped clean if you have a publisher people don't trust. That alone sends off red flags. It has to be self-published, and an IP that is either introduced or that is locked to be used for a while.

    And if you want retention you have to have a focus on social interaction that becomes forced by timesinks. These are things players must do in order to thrive that require us to connect to other players. We may not like it, but it builds community, because at the core we are social creatures.

    SWG did this first by having lines at starports/shuttleports, buffs from doctors and standing in line waiting your turn, getting buffs at the cantina.

    All these helped force interaction to build community and bonding. Once you get that retention goes up because people want to interact with others and almost use your game sometimes as nothing more than to afk some area and chat.

    Believe it or not, I still prefer to use ingame chat over VOIP for 95% of interactions, a few of people I make friends with or are guildmates, sure VOIP becomes fine, but majority lets type!

    I don't think there are many trusted publishers out there, can you name one that you think no one will put their hand up and say "hang on"? I am not a person who goes much for "trusted" anyway, more trusted certainly but it is not just in gaming that life shows you that a scintilla of cynicism is a good thing.

    I talked about the importance of in game activities to encourage social interaction in the article he did on "social" so fully agree with you there. As I never played SWG perhaps you can confirm if you had some sort of death penalty which you could work of by resting or listening to a minstrel?

    I can't be sure but I think part of Ralph's thinking is that if you are in the same "world/shard" you are all going to want to socialise, knowing gamers that is simply not going to be enough.

    Yes, you had to listen in a cantina to clear mind wounds. Buffs also became pretty much essential and even after the NGE came out, buffs were still required as they added a plethora of enhancements for whatever you were partaking in that day.

    As for your original about publisher, seems all the ones that MMOs attach too are bad, so independent seems the best route at least you know when it sinks it all sinks and not just a financial decision from a company such as NcSoft, Daybreak (or whoever owns it now), PWE, etc.
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